Community Guidelines

Welcome to Hilarious Hippo community guidelines , at Hilarious Hippo, we take connect and contribute to the community as we empower people to promote and publish the best of their creativities wherever they around the world. We are a free for all platform allowing you to have fun, share, post, and connect.

We want Hilarious Hippo to be a place to find something to make you laugh, smile, curious, challenge and more importantly happiness. A place for people to express themselves, live in the moment and connect with others.

We hope that using Hilarious Hippo and going through this community guidelines will give you the support to self-expression and explore your passion and creativity. 

Hilarious Hippo is no place for discrimination, hate, racism, bullying, name calling, harassment of any kind and we pride ourselves as equality for all humans.

This guidelines apply to all content which includes all forms of communication, such as posts, video clips, comments, texts, images, photos, news, emojis, likes, attachments and using any Hilarious Hippo creative tools.

Please note that in certain cases, we partner with advertisers and partners and these advertisers and partners are recommended to accurately, and where appropriate, fact-checked their content before promoting on Hilarious Hippo. Even though we work very hard to support everyone Hilarious Hippo won’t be able to take action against content published or promoted on our platform such as newsworthy related to matters like politics, social and other concern to Hilarious Hippo community. 

Submitting Sexually explicit content

Hilarious Hippo prohibit users that promote or distribute sexual content such as nudes, pornographic to be publish on the platform

Any suspected form of child/children sexual exploitation to our platform will be reported to authorities. Hilarious Hippo strongly warn users never to post, save, send nude or sexually explicit content involving anyone under the age of 18. As we work very hard to make Hilarious Hippo a safe place to entertain each other through content sharing never ask a minor or post content of minors-even of yourself to Hilarious Hippo.

Bullying, Intimidation and Harassment

Please note that, we prohibit sharing of other people or person’s that are considered private information.

We prohibit bullying or harassment of any kind on our platform. You may not share inappropriate comments, stories, fake news about others on the platform, always use your common sense to bring love and fun, Hilarious Hippo is about having a sense of humour and sharing fun stuff with others.

Violence and Threats

Hilarious Hippo offers users to be free and enjoy the moment of content you or other users post to the platform. We do not encourage violence, intimidation or threats to others on the platform.

We do not encourage graphics violence, including abuse of any kind to person or animal abuse to be promoted on the platform. 

Note that, Hilarious Hippo do not encourage glorification of self-harm such as promotion of self-injury, suicide or any actions that is deem as violence in any nature.

False information and fake news

Hilarious Hippo is free for all for publishing and promoting and sharing content. We prohibit publications of false information that causes harm or malicious, such as denying the existence of tragic events, manipulating content for false or misleading purposes.

We prohibit attempting to deceive people about who you are and information you post on our platform such as impersonating famous people, business brands, friends and much more.

Please note that we do not allow or encourage spams or deceptive practices of any kind of Hilarious Hippo.

Hate and Illegal content

We at Hilarious Hippo strongly suggest that users refrain from using Hilarious Hippo for illegal activities such as promoting or facilitating of cybercrime, sales of illegal drugs, weapons, documents etc. You shall not use our platform to promote hate speech, extremist groups, and terrorism. 

You shall not use hate speech or content that demeans, defames, promotes discrimination or violence on the basis of someone race, colour, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, weight, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigration and persons disability status.

Please note that any violation of any of these Community Guidelines will result in terminating or limiting the visibility of your account and content on Hilarious Hippo. We may also notify law enforcement. 

We reserve the right to terminate accounts or remove users, groups of any kind whom we have reason to believe, in our-sole discretion pose a clear danger to others on or off our platform. 

Help us build a better platform by taking these guidelines very seriously and abide by them to make our community a safe and better place to connect and share our creativities together.

Remember at Hilarious Hippo there is always something to spice up the mood.