Basic Rules For Safe Community

Welcome to Hilarious Hippo were the world meet human. Here is a cool place to get amused but since we want you feel good and enjoy what we have on Hilarious Hippo, there are these basic rules we should follow.

Duplicates content

We love content and content makes all the difference. From time to time we check for pre-exiting posts or entries on the same topic so we suggest before creating a new post use our search function to check if what you’re posting already exist. If there is something that exit connect and share your thought on the post instead of creating a new entry.


We know you want to keep up with the current trend and event, that’s what we love but please avoid uploading of duplicated media unless there is a clear modification or improvement in quality of the posts or media.

Relevant post

Who don’t love relevant content? Of course we all do. When posting a new content or commenting on a post, make sure in a addition or contribution you make to the site is relevant to the topic at hand. But hey, sometimes you love a post but you don’t have to comment on it, great just skip it to the next post. Don’t leave comments that are not in the topic or post. 

Unwanted content

Do not upload any nude or adult content to the website or post it to any part of the site.

Please note that any external links to sites containing such content, or advertisement for such, will be removed or may result in your account to be blocked.  Note that content such as NSFW-NOT SAFE FOR WORK should have a NSFW warning label.


We know humans sometimes tries not be humans but guess what we are all human doing what we love and sharing fun stuff with the community. Flooding, such as repeated posting of redundant material and spamming by posting advertisement or promotional materials on the platform are prohibited. We can only be humans and live once, so treat others like the way you would like to be treated. Just avoid spamming the platform


Doing the right is always better and the best. We just want a safe and fair place to connect and share our content. When we suspend your account do not try to evade it by creating a new or alternative account by using a proxy IP address, it’s a violation to our terms and may result in permanent ban. Please avoid violating the platform terms and let us all connect, create, share and enjoy what Hilarious Hippo offers to the community.

Behaviour is the key

Hilarious Hippo is design for the community of awesome people like you. Please beware and refrain from posting comments or posts that will hurt other people feelings. Let your comments be in a constructive and considerate manner. You spotted a bad comments or posts? Tell the one who posted it to refrain from such activities, don’t respond in the same way or with insult, support one another if things of such act continue please send us a message with the comment and post links. Remember caring is sharing, don’t let one bad apple spoil your mood.


Please note that offending users will be subject to account ban without warning.

  • Pornography or nudity, gore, including photographic, illustrated, censored and cropped instances that are classify as adult content or any term.
  • Content that sexualizes or depicts minor(s) or characters that appear as such in any manners.
  • Content that is unwarrantedly racist, sexist and homophobic or transphobic in nature
  • Any content that discloses any one personal identity information of a private individual or a minor.
  • Promoting violence against a person or group

It is important that contents that are not safe to be publicly share including external links to be label as Not Safe For Work – NSFW. Below will guide you of such content.

  • Partial nudity, including photographic, illustrated, censored and cropped instances
  • Sexually explicit language, gestures and expressions 
  • Sexually suggestive content that adheres to the common sense and the principle. 
  • Obscene content of racist, sexist or homophobic nature that is absolutely essential to the documentation
  • Gross, fetish or shock content 


  • Check for possible duplicate entries before starting an entry. If an entry already exists, your entry will be marked invalid.
  • Explain clearly what the meme is, who, when, where and how it was started, where it has spread to and, when applicable, how it has changed over time.
  • Provide related statistics and analytics data, such as keyword search volume, re-blog counts, and view counts.
  • Cite your sources by providing hyperlinks to relevant external websites at the bottom of the entry.
  • Ensure that you have selected the correct category (Meme, Subculture, Site, or Person), and tag it NSFW in case this applies.


  • Create an entry for the sake of launching your original creation, whether a meme or a single piece of media.
  • Write an entry for the sake of your own amusement or in an attempt to troll. 
  • Write editorialized opinions or in the first-person perspective.
  • Use hyperbolic statements.
  • Add content directly copied from other sources, take credit for the work of others, or condone the act of plagiarism.
  • Add personally identifiable information, unless it is necessary for documentation.

Report a problem

If you found any problems or issues that violate the platform user friendliness, please help fix them by reporting them such as spam bots, duplicate entries, images, videos, comments, posts and so on. Please help us keep Hilarious Hippo safe and submit such content and reference links you have found on the platform to admin using the contact us form.

For additional or general support of the website please feel free to contact us using the contact us form with detail explanation of your queries.