10 Unbelievable Facts About Hollywood You Never Knew Revealed

Are you a fan of Hollywood movies and actors? Do you think that there's nothing more to these celebrities than meets the eye?

10 Unbelievable facts about Hollywood you never knew revealed 0

Properly, buckle up as we unleash fifteen unbelievable details about Hollywood which is able to absolutely take you abruptly. From secret romances and superstar hook-ups to stunning profession strikes and scandals – we’ve got it all-covered! So, let’s begin with this spectacular journey of revelations into the world of Hollywood.

  1. 1 Meghan Fox believes in Leprechauns

    10 Unbelievable facts about Hollywood you never knew revealed 1

    Megan Fox recently spoke with Esquire to share her thoughts on Irish mythology. In a surprising revelation, she expressed that she does in fact believe in certain mythical creatures such as leprechauns – not the kind typically depicted by Lucky Charms cereal, but rather those of traditional folklore. 

    When asked where exactly these stories came from, Fox was firm in her belief that they originated from something more meaningful than mere human imagination.

  2. 2 Emily Blunt suffered from stuttering

    10 Unbelievable facts about Hollywood you never knew revealed 2

    As a child, Emily Blunt faced the challenge of overcoming a stutter. To her surprise, it was acting that provided the remedy. She recalled “I was trying to push out words, but nothing seemed to work”. 

    Her parents sought outside help such as speech and relaxation coaches unfortunately with little success. But then one of her teachers at school had a stroke of genius- telling her to portray an accent during their next school play. 

    As she immersed herself into this character, something magical occurred; not only did she manage to overcome her stutter while on stage, but it eventually faded away entirely - providing almost miraculous results!

  3. 3 Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton wore necklaces filled with each other's blood

    10 Unbelievable facts about Hollywood you never knew revealed 3

    Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton made headlines when they were a couple, with rumours circulating of their unusual behaviour. 

    Recently, the actor broke his silence to confirm the reports; he revealed that Jolie had suggested an unorthodox way for them to symbolize their love - slicing their fingers open with razorblades and mixing the blood in lockets which both of them could wear around their necks like mementos of a child. 

    The idea was said to be "interesting and romantic" according to Thornton.

  4. 4 Many Hollywood celebrities insure their body parts

    10 Unbelievable facts about Hollywood you never knew revealed 4

    With an incredible net worth of up to $600 million, it is not surprising that Rihanna's legs are insured for the hefty sum of one million dollars. However, this amount pales in comparison to Julia Robert's remarkable smile, which is reported to be underwritten with a thirty million dollar coverage. 

    Furthermore, Dolly Parton's breasts garner an even more impressive insurance policy as they boast a price tag of six hundred thousand dollars while Kylie Minogue's derriere is protected by a five million dollar safeguard. 

    All of these extraordinary figures highlight just how much esteemed celebrities value their physical appearance and the importance they place on its maintenance.

  5. 5 Sexual assault allegations on Harvey Weinstein

    10 Unbelievable facts about Hollywood you never knew revealed 5

    In October 2017, the dark secret of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein's predatory behaviour was made public when bombshell reports were released by The New York Times and The New Yorker. 

    In the ensuing months, a total of 87 women came forward with accounts that highlighted a heinous pattern of behaviour ranging from inappropriate to criminal actions.

    This ultimately led to Weinstein's arrest in May 2018 on rape and other offenses. After standing trial in February 2020, he was found guilty and sentenced to 23 years imprisonment. With this ruling, justice has finally been served for his many victims.

  6. 6 Sexual exploitation allegations on Matt Lauer

    10 Unbelievable facts about Hollywood you never knew revealed 6

    In November 2017, NBC made the startling decision to part ways with Matt Lauer after an employee stepped forward and exposed his alleged sexual misconduct. 

    However, far from being the first of its kind, this accusation was merely the tip of a much larger iceberg, as multiple other women and employees soon spoke out against Lauer in subsequent weeks; some even going so far as to claim that he had assaulted them outright. 

    By 2019 another former NBC staff member would come forth with reports alleging rape at the hands of Lauer himself - condemning him for good in both public opinion and professional circles alike.

  7. 7 Leaked sex tape of Pamela Anderson

    10 Unbelievable facts about Hollywood you never knew revealed 7

    In 1997, when the private antics of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee made headlines as one of the internet's first viral sex videos, shockwaves were sent around the world. Just two years prior to this eventful moment in history, these two iconic figures had secretly filmed their encounter and utilized a safe for storage. Unfortunately for them, an electrician on assignment at their residence had other plans - stealing the safe and releasing its contents to an unsuspecting public.

    The result was a hefty payday for those profiting from such content - estimates suggest that nearly $77 million was generated in just one year following its release. The furore of this video gave rise to a new era of celebrity-focused pornography which continues until today; however, it is intriguing that even after all these years, Anderson has still yet to watch her own work!

  8. 8 Rihanna spends millions on her hair

    10 Unbelievable facts about Hollywood you never knew revealed 8

    Guessing how much money Rihanna spends maintaining her famous tresses each year is no easy feat.

    Astonishingly, it's been revealed that the annual cost of keeping her hair looking impeccable comes to an incredible $1,168,000 - a figure that would make even the most elite university fees pale in comparison! Sources close to the pop star have confirmed this staggering sum.

  9. 9 Elton John spent $395,400 on flowers

    10 Unbelievable facts about Hollywood you never knew revealed 9

    Elton John recently made headlines when he revealed in a court case against his former manager that, within just two years, he had spent an astounding £293,000 (equivalent to $395,400 USD) on flowers. 

    When asked about this exorbitant expenditure, the music superstar simply responded that "I like flowers." He went on to point out that since he has no heirs or dependents to leave his wealth to, it's perfectly sensible for him to spend money as he sees fit. 

    Though some may consider this figure astronomical -- and rightly so! -- it truly is not surprising when one considers Elton's passion for these symbolic blooms. 

    After all, if visitors ever drop by his house expecting an intimate tour of the legendary musician’s abode, they can be sure of one thing: passing through any random doorway could well lead them into a room filled with petals.

  10. 10 Tom Hanks has 250 typewriters

    10 Unbelievable facts about Hollywood you never knew revealed 10

    Tom Hanks is no ordinary vintage typewriter enthusiast, he's a passionate collector. With over 250 typewriters in his prized possession – encompassing almost every make, style, and year – he makes sure to spend time each day typing on one of them. 

    He has even written an op-ed for the New York Times championing all the awesome sounds produced by these classic machines! 

    Moreover, when a fan asked him for an autograph once, Tom made it extra special by giving away a typewriter as a souvenir; now that's what we call cool! If you're looking for more wild celebrity anecdotes, be sure not to miss The 30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Interview Moments.

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