10 Movies Ever Made That Were Ahead of Their Time

Are you looking for some classic cinematic gems that push the boundaries of convention and break new ground?

10 Movies ever made That Were Ahead of Their Time 0

Look no additional than this listing of 15 motion pictures ever made that have been forward of their time. 

From historic dramas to science fiction adventures, these motion pictures all had one thing particular that set them aside from different movies launched on the similar time. Learn on to seek out out which iconic film masterpieces have gone down in historical past as being far more progressive than anybody might have imagined.

  1. 1 Psycho (1960)

    10 Movies ever made That Were Ahead of Their Time 1

    Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 masterpiece is still able to captivate an audience and instil fear like no other! The movie, which many assumed would be about the embezzler Marion, was instead a terrifyingly brilliant red herring. Hitchcock himself stated that viewers expected it to be the story of “a girl who stole $40,000” yet instead were met with sudden and unexpected violence. 

    Ultimately, we all know what became of Marion--she sought refuge at Norman Bates' motel only to ultimately meet her demise in the infamous shower scene. 

    This brutal scene shows how much time and effort Hitchcok put into this classic horror film, making use of 90 different camera breaks within 45 seconds for maximum suspense. 

    Since this beloved masterwork has premiered until now, filmmakers have attempted their own iterations, but few can live up to this timeless psychological thriller that continues to shock audiences today!

  2. 2 Jaws (1975)

    10 Movies ever made That Were Ahead of Their Time 2

    Jaws made a splash upon release in 1975, long before special effects wizardry could enhance the film. We don't get to see much of the shark until nearly midway through; interestingly this was an unplanned effect due to waterlogged props! 

    At just 26 years old, Spielberg had limited experience when helming this project - perhaps his lack of years lent itself to a fresh approach that paid off. 

    The talented cast, masterful score and gripping story all contribute greatly towards its success as a movie classic. Its importance is evidenced in the consistent homage given by countless films inspired by it however they fail to capture its iconic nature and tension.

  3. 3 Pulp Fiction (1994)

    10 Movies ever made That Were Ahead of Their Time 3

    It's not uncommon for movies to begin and end in the same place. Often, this serves as a way for us to understand how the characters arrived at that point. 

    In Pulp Fiction, the diner scene where Pumpkin and Honey Bunny try (unsuccessfully) to rob Jules and Vincent is iconic - but it isn't necessarily where events begin or conclude. 

    Instead, Quentin Tarantino has crafted a movie that jumps from narrative to narrative while leaving vital questions unanswered (what is in the briefcase?) - all carefully intersected by dialogue that might seem trivial but actually works towards giving every character more depth than we typically expect in films of its genre.

    It takes an incredible talent like Tarantino's to make something like this work so gracefully; this is a movie which won't let you take your eyes away for even an instant!

  4. 4 2001: A Space Odyssey

    10 Movies ever made That Were Ahead of Their Time 4

    Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey is a must-see for all true connoisseurs of the silver screen. 

    With its revolutionary visual effects, masterful editing and Kubrick's visionary direction, this 1968 cinematic masterpiece stands out from all other films as an awe-inspiring exploration of humankind. 

    Every time you view it, your appreciation for the movie will grow deeper and more profound - so if you consider yourself a true movie lover who has yet to experience this classic – make sure it’s on your list!

  5. 5 Citizen Kane

    10 Movies ever made That Were Ahead of Their Time 5

    Citizen Kane - A legendary cinematic experience that is still captivating viewers today. While some may find it difficult to appreciate the movie, with its non-linear narrative and complex lead character, these elements were ground-breaking for its time. 

    The lighting was incredibly realistic for the era and the use of flashbacks to tell the story went against convention at that point in history. 

    Originally released in 1941, it initially failed to connect with audiences but was later embraced by critics which led to its revival in 1956. To this day, Citizen Kane remains one of cinema’s most beloved pieces.

  6. 6 Freaks (1932)

    10 Movies ever made That Were Ahead of Their Time 6

    One way in which Tod Browning broke the Hollywood status quo was 'Freaks'. It's a dark fable about a travelling carnival, and it stirred up controversy so much that it was actually banned in UK cinemas until 30 years after its release. 

    Despite the criticism of exploitation, this movie featured an array of differently abled people as part of the cast - an uncommon act for its time. 

    However, what is perhaps more striking is how those who are seen as ‘normal’ within society are portrayed as out-of-place in comparison to their counterparts. With such strong shock tactics and creative direction, 'Freaks' has since won numerous retrospective admirers. 

    Yet despite all of this analysis, one shouldn't forget that at its core; this film still remains a skilfully executed horror movie with plenty to offer audiences today.

  7. 7 Blade Runner (1982)

    10 Movies ever made That Were Ahead of Their Time 7

    Today, 'Blade Runner' is widely celebrated and held up as a benchmark of brilliance. Yet, when it premiered back in 1982, this beloved movie was met with lacklustre response both financially and critically. It only managed to rake in 27 million despite the decades highest-grossing film 'E.T.' racking up 359 million that same year - even more shocking one reviewer unashamedly labelled it ‘Blade Crawler’!

    Thankfully viewers began to see what so many have come to realize; 'Blade Runner's captivating cyber-punk visuals set the stage for future science fiction works for generations after its release. Now we recognize this timeless classic for what it truly is: an iconic masterpiece!

  8. 8 Peeping Tom (1960)

    10 Movies ever made That Were Ahead of Their Time 8

    Often dismissed as outdated in certain circles, Michael Powell's ground-breaking film explores the terrifyingly dark depths of a serial killer. 

    By allowing us to view through his point of view, this controversial cinema experience formed an unsettling exploration into our collective psyche - which is particularly potent when one considers its release came almost fifty years before our current obsession with documenting every moment. 

    Unsurprisingly, it caused much controversy and irreversibly impacted Powell's legacy despite its far-reaching implications on modern culture.

  9. 9 The Snake Pit (1948)

    10 Movies ever made That Were Ahead of Their Time 9

    Mental health was not so widely discussed in the 50’s, often leading to ignorance and insensitivity. That situation began improving with the release of 'The Snake Pit' in 1948. 

    movie, directed by Anatole Litvak, is adapted from Mary Jane Ward's novel and depicts a woman's journey through a mental institution. Its influence was great enough that 13 States across America altered their procedures on mental health due to its impact.

  10. 10 Network (1976)

    10 Movies ever made That Were Ahead of Their Time 10

    Sidney Lumet's 1976 feature 'Network' is far more than a bit of satire. The story follows the struggles of a cable network operator who's determined to raise his ratings and will do whatever it takes to reach that goal. 

    While this film can provide good entertainment on its surface level, there are underlying messages which still ring true today: people will go to great lengths in pursuit of headlines, TRP ratings and other forms of measurement for success.

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