10 Fake Cities In China Copied From Other Countries

Do you know that some of the most well-known cities in China are actually fake?

10 Fake cities in China copied from other countries 0

There’s a stunning pattern of Chinese language builders copying iconic landmarks and full metropolis layouts from locations around the globe. 

On this weblog, we shall be 10 exceptional pretend cities in China modelled after different international locations. From replicas of Italian vineyards to miniature variations of various European capitals, these ten synthetic cities have been designed with jaw-dropping precision. 

So, in case you’ve ever puzzled what it could really feel prefer to step into an alternate universe, learn on for our high picks!

  1. 1 Sky City, Zhejiang (Paris)

    10 Fake cities in China copied from other countries 1

    Construction of Sky City began in 2007, and cost $1.7bn (£1.3bn) to build. Upon completion the development was intended to be home for around 10,000 people, with a further 100,000 working nearby – but it remains largely abandoned today as developers struggle to attract buyers’ due high prices despite the city being located just 30 miles outside Hangzhou. 

    Despite this setback Tianducheng has become something of an attraction itself and is increasingly becoming a popular destination amongst curious tourists keen to capture photos at the replica attractions which are strangely out of place within their rural surrounds. 

    So, while Paris may often be seen as one of Europe’s most romantic cities, you don’t have to travel all across the globe in order get a taste of its iconic architecture; sometimes you only need go as far as Hangzhou!

  2. 2 Dalian (Venice)

    10 Fake cities in China copied from other countries 2

    Dubbed the 'Venice of China', Dalian's Venice-inspired city has been captivating tourists since it opened in 2016. Visitors can indulge in a variety of Venetian activities, from romantic gondola rides to exquisite Italian cuisine. 

    The grandeur and authenticity of this second-hand version is hard to miss - its four kilometres of canals are hand dug and pass through over 200 bridges or buildings that could easily be mistaken for those found on their European counterpart. 

    For those who want to experience all that Venice has to offer but don't have the time or budget for an international trip, Dalian's mini version is perfect. It offers a fraction of the price tag and only requires two hours travel time from nearby Chinese cities like Dandong - which borders North Korea - making it one of China’s most exciting tourist destinations.

  3. 3 Huizhou (Hallstatt)

    10 Fake cities in China copied from other countries 3

    Widely known and admired, Hallstatt is a stunning Austrian town, with the nickname 'pearl of Austria'. It faces the shimmering Lake Hallstatt, located 300km west of Vienna. 

    But not content to just leave this beauty in its original place, China chose to clone it for themselves in Huizhou that cost an astonishing $950 million. 

    Funded by a mining tycoon from China who backed the 2011 project, it was completed with replicas of various landmarks around the centre: including the much-celebrated church and fountain which characterises Hallstatt's allure. Hallstatt is a UNESCO world heritage site.

  4. 4 Huaxi Village, Jiangyin

    10 Fake cities in China copied from other countries 4

    Located in Jiangyin, around two hours from Shanghai, lies Huaxi Village - proclaimed to be the wealthiest village in all of China. Home to over 2,000 residents who each reportedly boast a wealth of at least $150,000 USD, as well as many millionaires among their number; this fabulous destination is quite unique in more ways than one. 

    As opposed to basing its design on any famous foreign locations – Huaxi Village instead has copies of iconic buildings and monuments from all four corners of the World including some Chinese ones! 

    An amazing mini-replica of Beijing's Tiananmen Square stands proudly alongside representations of the US Capitol Hill and Sydney Opera House while an impressive 2.5 mile long replica Great Wall snakes through it providing an awe inspiring sight for those lucky enough to visit!

  5. 5 Hebei Province (Jackson Hole)

    10 Fake cities in China copied from other countries 5

    Jackson Hole, the US state of Wyoming's fascinating copycat counterpart – Hebei Province may not be as well-known as some other tourist destinations, but it certainly still warrants a visit. 

    Located neighbour to world renowned Yellowstone National Park, this top skiing destination boasts three ski resorts for visitors to enjoy. 

    With its Western American ambiance and feel apparently pleasing enough for a Chinese interpretation, Portland based architect was enlisted to recreate an exact replica in China. 

    Set within the picturesque landscapes of Taihang and Yan mountain ranges only an hour away from central Beijing by train, the faux Jackson Hole features log cabins, ranches among abundant pine trees – all covered with manmade snow!

  6. 6 Thames Town, Shanghai (Thames Town)

    10 Fake cities in China copied from other countries 6

    Nestled some 30 kilometres away from Shanghai's bustling city centre lies the town of Thames Town - a $500 million project, inspired by its namesake on the River Thames in London. 

    Spanning cobbled walkways and old-fashioned corner shops, you'll find Tudor terraces and Victorian dwellings abound. But perhaps no sight is more iconic than that of the red telephone boxes or post-boxes to be found lining roadsides. 

    Not content with just visual representation, certain elements have been painstakingly copied from England to ensure authenticity. Amongst these are Christ Church Bristol, Dorset's fish & chip shop and Chester's High Cross for all visitors to explore.

  7. 7 San Weng Village (Stratford-upon-Avon)

    10 Fake cities in China copied from other countries 7

    In a stunning tribute to William Shakespeare, an exact replica of his former home and birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon, is being constructed in San Weng tourist village near Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province in China. 

    Boasting an impressive 220 acres of land dedicated to the recreation of one of England's most influential literary figures, this ambitious project is already underway with plans for it to be completed and open by 2020.

  8. 8 Luodian New Town (Sigtuna, Sweden)

    10 Fake cities in China copied from other countries 8

    Strategically positioned on the fringes of Shanghai, Luodian New Town offers an expansive six-point-eight kilometres of picturesque scenery. 

    Its design is credited to Swedish engineers Sweco and is modelled after the iconic town of Sigtuna in Sweden. The focal point of each neighbourhood features a grand lake that mirrors Lake Mälaren in its surrounding country – an idyllic backdrop for wedding photos alike! 

    The area also hosts many residential dwellings designed with a Scandinavian architectural theme, topping off with strange statues depicting unclothed Scandinavians posed into seemingly frozen stances. Needless to say, this peculiar sight makes Luodian New Town stand out from other towns nearby!

  9. 9 Fencheng (Inspired by Spanish architecture)

    10 Fake cities in China copied from other countries 9

    Nestled in the heart of China is a stunning town that has been inspired by Spanish architectural wonder. Fengcheng’s red-tiled buildings, exquisite sculptures and statues, as well as painted walls depicting scenes from the classic tale Don Quixote all come together to create an experience unlike any other. 

    Not only does it bear resemblance to traditional Spanish architecture, but visitors can also explore its commercial centre made up of markets and stores reminiscent of Santander City – allowing them to fully immerse themselves into the vibrant atmosphere that surrounds this unique destination.

  10. 10 Anting New Town (Inspired by German architecture)

    10 Fake cities in China copied from other countries 10

    Located on the outskirts of Shanghai, Anting New Town is a modern rendition inspired by German towns. The vivid hues and Bauhaus-like designs offer an eye-catching aesthetic that captivates onlookers. 

    This remarkable district was masterfully crafted by Albert Speer & Partner, the well-established architecture firm originating from Frankfurt, Germany.

    Intriguingly, this inspiring design was led by none other than Mr. Speer - son of infamous architect Albert Speer who played a central role in Adolf Hitler's regime during World War II.

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