10 Best Gangster Movies Of All Times That Become So Popular

Are you a fan of gangster movies? Do you love to watch the rise and fall of powerful characters,

10 Best gangster movies of all times that become so popular 0

their wild battles with rivals, tales filled with drama, pleasure and suspense? Then here’s a checklist for you – 10 finest gangster motion pictures ever made which have turn out to be so common amongst moviegoers. From basic mafia movies to trendy legal sagas – every one has gained immense reputation over time. Be part of us as we take a look at a few of these much-watched masterpieces!

  1. 1 Godfather (1972)

    10 Best gangster movies of all times that become so popular 1

    The timeless classic that is The Godfather has been a fan-favourite for over half a century. 

    We bear witness to Vito Corleone, the leader of a powerful mafia family in New York, passing down his reigns to his youngest son as he reluctantly takes on this new responsibility and ultimately transitions into becoming an audacious don. 

    Marlon Brando's iconic performance continues to inspire modern viewers who are just being introduced to the glory of early cinema acting. 

    Even after all these years, this movie still stands unchanged amidst our ever-evolving world.

  2. 2 This is England (2006)

    10 Best gangster movies of all times that become so popular 2

    Set in 1983, 'This is England' offers a powerful insight into the world of crime and violence. The story follows a young boy's initiation into a gang of skinheads. Featuring mostly rookie actors, this independent film stands out as one of the most authentic presentations of British criminality ever captured on screen. 

    Unlike other classic crime drama films such as The Godfather and The Departed, 'This Is England' brings an entirely unique angle to its depiction; undoubtedly setting it apart from all like-minded offerings.

  3. 3 Donnie Brasco (1997)

    10 Best gangster movies of all times that become so popular 3

    Revealing the story of Joseph D. Pistone, Donnie Brasco tells the tale of his undercover work with Operation Donnie Brasco in New York from 1976 to 1981. 

    Al Pacino and Johnny Depp lend an incredible performance to a production that takes viewers on a journey into the world of criminal acts – all in search for justice. 

    However, it also dives deeper, questioning where one should draw their line when faced with difficult decisions; when does doing what is right infringe upon innocent lives? 

    The crime drama unravels as viewers watch this movie masterpiece. Donnie Brasco offers much more than just thrills - its focus on self-questioning brings new perspectives to light.

  4. 4 Goodfellas (1990)

    10 Best gangster movies of all times that become so popular 4

    Goodfellas, an absolute masterpiece, is based on the true-life story of Henry Hill and his rise to prominence as a small-time criminal. Despite the various obstacles he faced along his journey, Henry was determined to reach the summit with help from two of his closest friends. 

    His ambition often caused him to waver between keeping up appearances for his family and indulging in criminal activities.

    What makes Goodfellas really remarkable is its accuracy and consistency with real life events that befell Henry Hill himself – characteristics which make it even more gripping and powerful than ever before.

  5. 5 The Departed (2006)

    10 Best gangster movies of all times that become so popular 5

    The Departed, an Oscar-winning movie, combines the highest quality of filmmaking with a compelling story set in South Boston. 

    It tells the tale of two men on opposite sides of law enforcement as they battle to outwit each other in their mission to infiltrate an Irish Gang operating in this very city. 

    Drawing inspiration from real-life events such as the Winter Hill Gang, The Departed is a remake of Honk Kong film Infernal Affairs that captivates audiences through professional direction, outstanding performances and ingenious writing. As a result, it has become renowned as one of the finest modern epics.

  6. 6 Pulp Fiction (1994)

    10 Best gangster movies of all times that become so popular 6

    Pulp Fiction is an unconventional movie that has been widely acclaimed and praised by critics. It stands out from the crowd for its lack of a traditional story structure, instead having characters engaging in seemingly unrelated events which eventually converge. 

    Among other protagonists are two mobsters, the wife of a mafia boss, a boxer and two small-time criminals; all unaware of each other's activities until fate brings them together in unexpected ways.

    For those who seek an introduction to the world of gangster movies, Pulp Fiction should not be overlooked – particularly when watched on television where it can be best enjoyed.

  7. 7 Casino (1995)

    10 Best gangster movies of all times that become so popular 7

    Casino follows the story of one mob associate's attempt to make a name for himself in Las Vegas as he takes charge of one of the city's biggest casinos. But his reckless best friend and wild love interest threaten to ruin everything he has worked so hard on, forcing him to find a way to balance all his ambitions while managing dangerous relationships and business dealings.

    This gripping film, helmed by famed director Martin Scorsese and featuring renowned actors Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone, offers an intriguing twist on the traditional gangster flick – providing viewers with compelling performances that bring familiar characters into a unique setting. 

    Those who enjoyed Goodfellas will surely appreciate this creative spin that comes with Casino; ultimately reinforcing why these powerful stars have become icons in their own right.

  8. 8 American Gangster (2007)

    10 Best gangster movies of all times that become so popular 8

    Frank Lucas, a career criminal from La Grange, North Carolina had always been hidden in the shadows of one of Harlem's most notorious crime bosses until Bumpy Johnson’s death. After the vacancy was left behind by his predecessor, Lucas seized the opportunity and took control over the business. 

    As he grew accustomed to his newfound power within this fast-paced lifestyle, it wasn't long before Lucas soon became one of America's biggest drug lords. 

    When Ridley Scott released Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe’s joint venture into period drama as both villain and hero; movie fans were captivated by every moment created between these two high-profile actors who were at the peak of their careers at that time. 

    The film offers up an equal balance between glamourization and criticizing organized crime while providing some pretty powerful scenes such as Frank shooting a debtor right in front of an audience on a thoroughfare street.

  9. 9 Reservoir Dogs (1992)

    10 Best gangster movies of all times that become so popular 9

    Quentin Tarantino's feature-length debut has gained legendary status amongst movie fans. The story follows a group of six individuals who have been hired to steal diamonds, however, the course of events soon proves that their mission is destined for disaster.

    To deliver this captivating experience, the director creates an emotionally immersive narrative which utilizes his trademark style elements such as nonlinear storytelling, strong violence, and pastiche dialogue accompanied with profanity. 

    Additionally, despite its small budget and limitations to just a few locations; the quality of this masterpiece remains uncompromised due to Tarantino’s unique filmmaking techniques and visionary direction.

  10. 10 King of New York (1990)

    10 Best gangster movies of all times that become so popular 10

    Infusing the city of New York with a neon blue visual, King of New York dives into the underworld and stars renowned actor Christopher Walken. Raising questions about gangsters being “Robin Hoods” in their own minds, this movie gives us an interesting look at what takes place behind-the-scenes.

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