8 Amusement parks that became a haunting ground

As we put the witch's hats on and prepare for a night of spooky stories, let us take a look at some amusement parks that have become haunting grounds.

8 Amusement parks that became a haunting ground 0

From deserted ghost cities to horror-filled theme parks, these 8 former in style sights are positively value a go to this Halloween! We’ll discover the secrets and techniques they cover of their forgotten corners and delve deep into why they grew to become so eerie. 

So, get your scariest costume prepared and be part of us as we embark on our journey into the creepy world of those haunted amusement parks!

  1. 1 Pripyat Amusement Park (Ukraine)

    8 Amusement parks that became a haunting ground 1

    Pripyat has gained worldwide fame as the home of the world’s most famous abandoned amusement park. It was to be a grand opening ceremony in 1986, but several days prior, a catastrophic nuclear event occurred at nearby Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. 

    Although some locals did visit briefly, reports soon came in about alarmingly high radiation levels and an evacuation became necessary. To this day, Pripyat's amusement park remains untouched — derelict rides slowly falling apart or succumbing to mould growth due to years of disuse.

  2. 2 Six Flags (New Orleans)

    8 Amusement parks that became a haunting ground 2

    No list of the world's spookiest abandoned parks would be complete without Six Flags New Orleans, which has been closed down since 2005 following catastrophic damage from Hurricane Katrina. 

    Originally opened in 2000, this once-thriving amusement park saw only a few years of success before being heavily impacted by the hurricane that left 20,000 people displaced and 2,000 dead. 

    With insufficient funds to carry out repairs and restore operations, the theme park has gradually decayed over recent years - still featuring an ominous sign at its entrance reading 'Closed for the storm'. Its post-apocalyptic atmosphere has made it into popular films such as Jurassic World and Dawn of Planet of the Apes.

  3. 3 Takakanonuma Greenland, Japan

    8 Amusement parks that became a haunting ground 3

    In 1973, a park was built and opened to the public; however, it only lasted two years before closing down due to various reasons - some blamed bad ticket sales or repair problems while others cited alarming fatalities at the rides as the cause for its swift shutdown. 

    Ten long years went by until 1986, when the park finally reopened before shutting again 13 years later in 1999. 

    Finally, 2006 marked an end of sorts to this place's history when it was demolished; but not entirely forgotten. Bill Edwards had captured many photos from his visits there - one particularly riveting photograph showed a six-year-old girl dressed in white standing solemnly at the entrance with her gaze fixed straight onto the camera lens ahead of her.

  4. 4 Joyland, USA

    8 Amusement parks that became a haunting ground 4

    The Ottaway family originally owned and operated Joyland, a once-popular amusement park. Despite its success, the park was increasingly subject to vandalism from mischievous youths, leading to deteriorating conditions and dangerous activities taking place on site. 

    After financial issues emerged in 2004, the park closed for good until 2006 when a Seattle-based company sought to bring it back into operation – however this never materialized due to further economic implications and so today Joyland remains firmly shuttered.

  5. 5 Okpo Land, South Korea

    8 Amusement parks that became a haunting ground 5

    The Park, located in South Korea, is shrouded in the horrors of its past. Although its exact date of opening remains unclear, the events that would occur here still haunt many to this day. 

    In the late 1990’s a young girl was killed by one of the park's duck-themed rides; her parents were left without any explanation or compensation from those responsible and yet nothing changed - until another tragic event occurred. 

    Following an accident with a derailed ride in 1999 that threw yet another child from their seat, it seemed as if something had awoken within the owner: on that very same night they chose to close down The Park with all attractions left exactly as they were – no one ever seeing them again as the mysterious owner soon disappeared altogether.

  6. 6 Gulliver’s Kingdom, Japan

    8 Amusement parks that became a haunting ground 6

    Gulliver's Kingdom, situated beside 'Suicide Forest' in Japan, had a tumultuous run for its four years of operation beginning in 1997 and concluding with its closure in 2001. 

    The park ultimately succumbed to the financial distress of Niigata Chuo Bank, which provided backing until it also collapsed into bankruptcy leaving behind a trail of unpaid debts and loans that could not be honoured. 

    After ten more years of disuse and abandonment, the derelict remains were finally cleared away for good - officially demolished during 2007.

  7. 7 Holy Land, USA

    8 Amusement parks that became a haunting ground 7

    John Greco was said to have received a divine message in 1950 and, in response, chose to build the park as an homage to the Holy Land of Israel. 

    The park became greatly popular during the 1960s and 70's; however, it was forced to close its doors temporarily in 1984 for renovations. 

    Sadly, after John Greco passed away two years later, those same doors were closed permanently by a group of nuns who had been left custodians of the theme park. 

    As if this wasn't enough sadness for one place already, ten years later a teenager fell victim to murder near the site - giving rise to an eerier reputation that still lingers today.

  8. 8 Spreepark, Germany

    8 Amusement parks that became a haunting ground 8

    Visiting this mysterious expanse of Berlin may be strictly off limits, and one quick glance reveals why. This relic of communist East Germany opened its doors in 1969, only to shut them once again twenty-two years later – allowing the elements to take over. 

    Today it's filled with toppled dinosaur statues and rusty roller coasters that lead into a monstrously eerie mouth; while efforts to restore its iconic Ferris wheel have been underway for some time now. 

    It is slated to reopen as an arts centre upon completion, though there are certain places on earth that will never open their secrets up to human eyes - no matter how hard we try.

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