7 Places In The World That Are Actually Creepy In Real Life You Wouldn’t Like To Visit.

Are you a fan of all things spooky? Do tales of haunted houses and mysterious locations all around the world fascinate you?

7 Places in the world that are actually creepy in real life you wouldn 0

If that’s the case, this text is for you! Right here we are going to check out 7 creepy locations on the earth which might be rumoured to be supernatural hotspots. From deserted asylums stuffed with scream-inducing secrets and techniques to historical castles shrouded inside darkish myths, these locations could make your blood run chilly. So, maintain studying if you happen to dare!

  1. 1 Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

    7 Places in the world that are actually creepy in real life you wouldn 1

    Since the mid-1800s, The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum has served as a haven for those suffering from mental illness. Recently, however, it has taken on an even more significant role: that of a tourist attraction. 

    With its eerie energy amplified around Halloween each year and with National Historic Landmark status granted in 1990, this former hospital remains a hot spot among thrill seekers to this day—despite having closed down in 1994. 

    It is widely considered one of the most haunted spots on earth; many people claim that many of the patients' ghosts still linger within these now-abandoned walls.

  2. 2 Garnet Ghost Town

    7 Places in the world that are actually creepy in real life you wouldn 2 1

    Garnet Ghost Town, located approximately one hour from Missoula in Montana, was once home to some 1,200 people during its heyday in the 1890s. 

    Though it eventually faded away after many of the area mines were abandoned by 1905, visitors can still explore the ruins of old saloons and houses that remain. 

    Many more abandoned mine shafts can also be found scattered throughout the woods around town. Despite its idyllic appearance on the surface, Garnet Ghost Town has a rich history of paranormal activity as well. 

    Best of all? There is no entry fee needed to experience this unique reminder of days past!

  3. 3 Poenari Fortress

    7 Places in the world that are actually creepy in real life you wouldn 3 1

    For those inspired to explore the remnants of Dracula's past, a visit to Poenari Fortress is an unforgettable experience. 

    Built by Vlad III in response to ongoing Ottoman invasions, the fortress clings precariously to a rocky hillside overlooking the Argeș River valley below. While only about half of its walls remain standing today, visitors can still sense the vast power and strength it must have held centuries ago. 

    Those willing enough can take on the daunting climb up 1,480 steps hewn into the side of a cliff leading towards Poenari Castle’s entrance gate. 

    Once at the top, you’ll find yourself surrounded by grand pieces of history — from arrow loops for archers defending against invaders during sieges to secret passages used by Vlad III himself as an escape route in times of trouble. 

    Even if history isn't your thing, it's hard not be impressed with such imposing architecture located atop this breath-taking Carpathian mountaintop vista.

  4. 4 The Witches Jail

    7 Places in the world that are actually creepy in real life you wouldn 4

    A chilling reminder of our past, the Old Jail in Barnstable, Massachusetts is not only one of the oldest standing structures on Cape Cod, but it's also America's oldest wooden jail. Built back in 1690 and steeped in oppressive energy, this building was home to hundreds of women accused of witchcraft during the 17th century. 

    Ramy Romany recollects: "It was a place where many wrongfully incarcerated individuals were driven to despair; their cries unheard as they perished within its walls." It has been speculated that some witches never returned from its confines - presumed lost forevermore. 

    If you're looking for an enriching experience during a trip to New England, why not pay homage by exploring Barnstable's long-standing landmark? Tours are held by the Cape and Islands Paranormal Research Society at $20 per person every Monday and Friday night.

  5. 5 Aokigahara Forest

    7 Places in the world that are actually creepy in real life you wouldn 5

    Nestled near the base of Mount Fuji lies Aokigahara Forest - renowned as Japan’s number one suicide spot. 

    In 2003, a record-breaking 105 bodies were discovered in the forested area, leading authorities to post signs discouraging further attempts of self-harm, with messages such as “Think carefully about your children and family” and information regarding suicide hotlines.

    This prowess is rooted in legend; it is thought that abandoning elderly or sick relatives to die – was once practiced here. 

    This macabre reputation was solidified when Wataru Tsurumi released his book 'The Complete Suicide Manual' in 1993, describing Aokigahara as “the perfect place to die”. Many also believe that these suicides victims remain within its confines today - their spirits lingering amongst the trees. 

  6. 6 Castle in Transylvania

    7 Places in the world that are actually creepy in real life you wouldn 6

    Set atop a dramatic cliff overlooking Transylvania, the beautiful Bran Castle has become inextricably linked with one of literature's most infamous characters: Count Dracula. Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula had an undeniably strong influence on this castle, leading many to refer to it as “Dracula’s Castle.”

    The relationship between the castle and its notorious namesake goes beyond mere fiction. It is widely speculated that Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad the Impaler or simply Vlad Dracula, was a source of inspiration for Stoker's character. 

    An iconic figure in Romania during the 15th century, he spent two months imprisoned at Bran Castle in 1462 while on his quest to reclaim Wallachia from Ottoman occupation. 

    His notoriously cruel methods included impaling some 20 000 people within just four years - gruesome accounts even suggest he used to dip his bread into their blood!

  7. 7 Nazi Hospital in Beelitz

    7 Places in the world that are actually creepy in real life you wouldn 7

    For those seeking a more spine-tingling experience, Beelitz Heilstätten offers an ideal dark tourism destination. 

    Built in 1898, it initially served as a sanatorium for patients with tuberculosis. This all changed when World War I began, and it was transformed into a military hospital. It is even rumoured that Adolf Hitler himself spent time recuperating here after being injured during the war.

    Not only is Beelitz Heilstätten associated with one of the most notorious figures of the 20th century, but there is also an eerie reminder closer to home - Wolfgang Schmidt, otherwise known as the ‘Beast of Beelitz’ who terrorised locals in 1990s killing five women including a Russian doctor's wife and their infant child in nearby woods. 

    Despite its grizzly past, this grand old, abandoned building stands proud and firm having gained fame much more recently due to its scenic treetop walks and intense history tours which have become popular attractions drawing tourists from across Europe each year looking for both culture and chills!

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