9 Tips For Tipping At Restaurants

If you're like me, tipping is one of those things that makes your stomach go all twisty.

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What’s the correct amount? Ought to it’s 20%? 15%? 10%? You might need heard completely different opinions about how a lot to tip. Some individuals say that it will depend on the restaurant or wait employees, whereas others say it will depend on how good your expertise was. Properly, I am right here to let you know you can’t go incorrect with a typical 20% tip—particularly when consuming out at eating places. Listed here are some ideas to assist guarantee your subsequent eating expertise goes easily:

  1. 1 Consider the price

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    If you're going to a restaurant for dinner with friends and deciding to order only appetizers, ask yourself if it's worth leaving 10% of your bill for someone else's hard work when in this case all they did was set some plates down in front of you.

    The same goes for when someone else is treating: If your friend pays the tab but doesn't leave a tip (or leaves less than 20%), do YOU tip more? No way! That's why it's important to know what a reasonable amount is so that everyone knows where they stand ahead of time—and everyone can feel comfortable being themselves instead of worrying about whether or not other people will judge them later on."

  2. 2 Consider the service

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    To start, it's important to recognize that the service you receive at a restaurant is a key factor in determining your tip. If you don't like the food, or if you don't enjoy the price of your meal, then by all means don't tip. But if your server is attentive and friendly, do consider giving them something extra.

    If you think about it from their perspective, waiters and waitresses work long hours with little rest time. They have to deal with difficult customers who might be rude or demanding; they must also keep track of multiple tables at once so that everyone gets what they need without any errors. It's not easy keeping up with all those orders!

    Giving good service requires hard work—and good tips help reward this effort (as well as give servers an incentive for doing even better in future).

  3. 3 Consider the food

    5 Key Factors to Consider When Opening a Full Service Restaurant

    When you are deciding how much to tip, the food is the most important factor. If the food isn't fresh, hot and tasty, if it's not of good quality, if it doesn't come out quickly enough or if your server is rude or impatient—then no amount of friendly tips will make up for that lack of quality service.

    Also consider whether or not your restaurant was clean and tidy when you walked in. If there are dirty tables with crumbs on them and empty glasses everywhere instead of being cleared away quickly by staff members who don't seem like they're paying attention to their work because they're too busy chatting away with each other at another table nearby—this could be an indication that management doesn't care about its customers' experience at all!

  4. 4 Consider your own needs, wants and desires

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    It's important to note that tipping is a personal choice. While it's commonly expected in the US and Canada, it's not a requirement. The purpose of tipping is to show your appreciation for someone's hard work and/or service, so don't feel pressured into leaving a gratuity if you don't want to.

    While you're making your decision about whether or not to tip, consider your own needs, wants and desires in this situation. 

  5. 5 Be polite

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    A little courtesy goes a long way. Remember that the waitstaff is not there to serve you, but to serve other customers as well. Ask them if they're free before taking their attention away from another table. Also be nice to the kitchen staff, who will be cooking your food and cleaning up after you leave.

    And lastly, don't forget about the hostess who greets you at the door and seats you in a timely manner (and also helps settle any issues that arise during your meal).

  6. 6 Be kind

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    If you've read this far, you already know that restaurant tipping is not just a way for people to get paid. It's also about reinforcing positive behaviors and encouraging others to do better in their jobs—which means being extra nice to your server! If you can be polite, friendly, and gracious with your waiter or waitress (and everyone else at the restaurant), that's going to make them more likely to want to work hard for you. That's good news because those servers are often underpaid and overworked. They deserve our respect!

  7. 7 Be honest and up-front with yourself


    The next step is to determine what you think the service was worth. This is where you have to be honest and up-front with yourself; if a server did a really great job helping you select a wine, but the food quality was subpar, then you should tip based on the service. If they didn’t do such a great job but you loved your meal, then tip more on that basis. The key here is not to deceive yourself into thinking someone performed better than they actually did—you’re just being fair.

    After deciding how much money you want to leave as a tip, it’s time for an even harder decision: Do I like this restaurant enough for them to earn my money? If so, then give them some of yours!

  8. 8 Be a good person in general


    When you tip, it’s not about the money—it’s about showing appreciation.

    Sure, you might not like the service you received or feel like it was bad enough to warrant tipping less than 15 percent. But remember that every server has worked hard throughout the day to make your experience positive and enjoyable. If your server was cheerful, friendly, and efficient in providing drinks and food when needed, then by all means be generous with your gratuity!

    And if a server does something extra for you (like bring out an extra treat for dessert), don't be afraid to show them some love through a bigger tip—they'll appreciate it!

  9. 9 You need to tip 20% of your order bill

    10 Tips for Tipping at Restaurants 0 1

    The general guideline is 20% of the bill. That's a good benchmark, but if you want to tip more or less depending on the quality of service and any other considerations, that's okay too. You can also factor in whether you're dining at an expensive restaurant (and thus tipping higher) or a cheap one (and thus tipping lower). Keep in mind that most people will add an 18% gratuity automatically if they have not provided their own tips throughout their meal.


    So, be sure to remember the tips we’ve shared here. And when you do go out for dinner, it’s a good idea to have some cash on hand! We all know how easy it is to forget that tip, especially if you're in a rush. But when all else fails and your phone has died, there’s always an option of leaving a note or even drawing one.

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