8 Crazy Conspiracy Theories About The Royal Family of Britain

Being a member of the British Royal Family means that you have to live in a fishbowl.

8 Crazy conspiracy theories about the Royal Family of Britian 0

However what about in terms of conspiracy theories? The wealth, energy and affect of the British monarchy have made them a first-rate goal for hypothesis, which is why there are such a lot of loopy conspiracy theories in regards to the royals. From Prince Andrew’s alleged involvement with Jeffrey Epstein to Princess Diana’s loss of life being faked by MI6 brokers: these are a number of the wildest tales on the market about Britain’s most well-known household!

  1. 1 Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein

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    Prince Andrew's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein was part of the reason why his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, divorced him. At the time, she said that she felt that her husband had abandoned her and their children for a life of debauchery.

    One of Prince Andrew’s connections to Epstein was on his private jet between France and Britain in 2010. The prince was seen with his arm around a young woman who may have been Virginia Roberts (who would later accuse Epstein of sex trafficking).

    A year later, Prince Andrew visited Epstein at his Florida home where he stayed for three hours. After this visit, he also went to Epstein’s private island where it is alleged that underage girls were sexually exploited by guests including politicians and celebrities such as Kevin Spacey and Bill Clinton

  2. 2 Princess Diana was murdered

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    After Princess Diana died in a car crash, many people believed that she was murdered. Her death came just six months after her divorce from Prince Charles, and some speculated that the royal family wanted to prevent her from having children with someone other than Charles. The conspiracy theory states that Diana was pregnant with Dodi Fayed's child and/or Prince Harry's child, and this information would have caused major embarrassment to the royal family.

    There was also speculation about an 18-month affair between Diana and Dr. Hasnat Khan; while this is widely believed to be true among those who believe in conspiracy theories (and widely denied by everyone else), it has never been confirmed either way since Khan refused to discuss it after her death

  3. 3 Prince Charles does not have a belly button

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    It's a rumor that has been circulating since the late '70s, but it's still one of the most persistent. The story goes that Prince Charles was born without a belly button. It's not true—he did have one at some point! But as an infant, he lost his umbilical cord after being rushed to the hospital with pneumonia and septicemia (i.e., blood poisoning).

    The Royal Family has never commented on this rumor; they let it float around in silence like an extra appendage or two hanging off of their son at birth. It could be that they're simply trying to spare him the embarrassment of having such an oddity pointed out by those who know better than to believe in such things as magic wands and baby princes with no belly buttons!

  4. 4 There is a secret son called James Hewitt

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    Many believe that Hewitt is not only the son of Princess Diana and Charles, but also the next in line to the throne. However, this theory has never been confirmed.

    In fact, when asked about rumors of his relationship with Hewitt, then-Prime Minister David Cameron said: "I don't think these claims are credible."

  5. 5 The Royals are actually reptilian humanoids


    The theory is that the royal family are actually reptilian humanoids. The theory is that they have a lizard-like appearance and can shapeshift into reptiles.

    According to conspiracy theorists, this is why the royals look inhuman, have weird noses and wear hats with large brims. It was also claimed that Prince Charles has big eyes, which are common characteristics of reptiles.

    It’s believed Queen Elizabeth II has an extra vertebrae in her spine, which makes her appear taller than other humans and gives her the ability to shapeshift into a reptile at will.

  6. 6 The Queen Mother faked her own death

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    What makes this theory so appealing is that it's not just one person who believes it, but rather several people. And those individuals happen to be very rich and powerful.

    The most prominent proponent of this theory is David Icke, a former goalkeeper who turned out to be a conspiracy theorist after he retired from soccer. He says that "the Queen Mother was murdered by the British Royal Family" in order to prevent her from revealing secrets about them when she died. Icke also claims that both Princess Diana and her son, Prince Harry are actually clones of people who look like them but aren't related by blood at all!

  7. 7 Meghan Markle cursed the royal family

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    Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has been accused of cursing the British royal family. The theory goes that since Meghan and Prince Harry married in May 2018 and she was given her title as duchess, there have been bad things happening to members of the family.

    The first was Prince Edward's daughter Lady Louise Windsor's miscarriage in July 2019. Then news broke that Prince Andrew had split with his wife Sarah Ferguson after 11 years together. While both these events could be explained away by other reasons or circumstances, conspiracy theorists found it suspicious that these things happened so soon after Meghan joined the family as a new member herself.

  8. 8 Harry and Meghan's wedding is part of a plot by Britain to gain control over America

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    It's a conspiracy theory that was started by Greg Pollowitz, a Fox News contributor and columnist for the Washington Examiner who launched the tongue-in-cheek "rumor" on Twitter on November 27, 2017, the same day Harry and Meghan announced their engagement:

    "Prince Harry's kids are American. What if one becomes president and a king? The Brits are playing longball, but it's clever. They'll get America back this way."

    The rumor was picked up by various right-wing blogs and publications, including the Federalist and The Patriot Post. It also got some traction on Twitter:


    The Royal Family of Britain is one of the most powerful families in the world. They have been ruling over Britain for centuries and unlike most royal families, they have held onto power through many generations. It’s no surprise then that there are so many crazy conspiracy theories about them being involved in everything from murder to alien invasions! However, these theories are just hearsay based on people’s imaginations and not actual facts which we know because there is no evidence proving any of these claims true.

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