The Real Truth About Idris Elba’s Marriage

The real truth about Idris Elbas marriage 0

Idris Elba is a world-famous actor, producer, and DJ who’s known for his roles in The Wire, Luther, and Star Trek Beyond. He’s also known for being married to Naiyana Garth, with whom he has two children.

But what exactly does it mean when we say that Idris Elba is married? Is he really married? And if so, how did it happen?

We’re going to answer all of those questions today!

1. Had a stressful marriage

He searched for jobs in New York and London while his wife stayed home to take care of their newborn daughter, Isan. However, their marriage was strained from the beginning. Idris told GQ that his wife didn’t adapt as rapidly to American society as he did. Additionally, Kim suffered from bipolar depression and anxiety, which put further strain on their relationship.

The couple eventually divorced in 2003 and have remained friendly over the years; they even celebrated Isan’s 16th birthday together. While it’s unclear if Idris helped his ex during her battle with mental illness, it’s clear that he has always been supportive of her and their daughter.

2. Lies and betrayals

Idris Elba was living a single life again after his divorce. He dated Desiree Newberry and things were going great. They decided to take their relationship to the next level by moving in together. Soon after, they learned that Desiree was pregnant. This should have been one of the happiest moments of Idris’ life but something just didn’t feel right.

According to his GQ interview, when he told friends and reporters about the pregnancy, he just didn’t feel the same joy that he expected to feel. Something was off. And then, when he finally saw his child for the first time, he realized what was wrong – he didn’t recognize the infant as his own.

Idris took a paternity test and unfortunately, it confirmed what he already knew – he wasn’t the father of Desiree’s child. “To have it taken away so violently was like a full-on blow in the face,” he told the magazine. Idris had experienced lies and betrayal on a whole new level and it was incredibly painful for him to deal with.

3. A second wedding

In 2006, Idris Elba wanted love and he found it in Sonya Hamlin, a lawyer he met through a mutual acquaintance. According to Sonya, the two had “perfect chemistry” and fell in love instantly. Their fast-paced courtship escalated into a Maryland shack-up and Idris encouraged Sonya to get married on a 2006 trip to Las Vegas to witness Floyd Mayweather.

Sonya was ready despite their short relationship and, as she says, “We were passionately in love, so we said, ‘Let’s do it!'” The next day, they sealed the deal at a Las Vegas chapel with only a witness attending their nuptials. After telling their parents, they honeymooned in Jamaica before returning to their daily lives.

Things rapidly deteriorated from there as Idris went to Hollywood while Sonya wanted to stay in Maryland. She thought he was forced to have a younger, more attractive girlfriend as his fame grew. In the end, Elba’s marriage lasted just six weeks.

4. He again found a new love

The actor was first linked to Naiyana Garth in 2013, and though the two never officially confirmed their relationship, they were seen together on numerous occasions.

In November 2016, Idris was spotted leaving a nightclub with supermodel Naomi Campbell. Though Naomi denied any romance between the two, stating that they were just friends, The Sun reported that Idris had moved out of the home he shared with Naiyana just days after their outing.

Now it seems that Idris has found love again, this time with model Sabrina Dhowre. The two were first spotted together in early 2017, and they made things official by attending the Toronto International Film Festival together in September. In addition, Sabrina accompanied Idris to the premiere of his new film Molly’s Game earlier this month.

While it’s unclear how long Idris and Sabrina have been dating, it’s obvious that they’re very happy together. And given Idris’ hectic work schedule (he’s currently filming Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok), we’re sure that Sabrina is a welcome addition to his life.

5. His marriage with Sabrina Dhowre

Idris Elba has been famously quoted as saying that he wouldn’t marry again after two disastrous marriages. He remarked “Weddings are institutions. Nobody likes it. Not my calling.” He may never marry again, but it doesn’t mean he won’t love attractive ladies.

He told People magazine that he liked honest, assertive women and he’d discover what he needed shortly. Little did he know that he would meet the love of his life at a party just a few short months later.

Elba was in Vancouver, Canada filming The Mountain Between Us when he met model Sabrina Dhowre at a party. He told reporters that it was “love at first sight” and the two made their first public appearance together at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in 2017.

“He typically keeps that area of his life quiet, but he’s proud to show off Sabrina,” a source close to Elba told The Sun newspaper. The couple got married in Marrakesh, Morocco in April 2019 with Sabrina telling Vogue magazine that they selected Africa since her family is from East Africa and Idris’ family is from West Africa. She added: “So we met in between.”


In conclusion, Idris Elba’s marriage has been a great love story for a few years now. He and his wife have managed to keep their relationship strong and healthy over the years. We can only hope that their relationship continues to thrive!

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