21 Most Isolated Places in the World You Won’t Believe People Still Live There

Are you fond of traveling and searching for some isolated place to choose as your next target?

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Here are some of the most isolated places in the world; you won’t believe people still live there.

  1. 1 Oymyakon, Russia

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    Do you know about the coldest inhabited place on Earth? It's Oymyakon, an isolated area. Furthermore, Oymyakon is a place where growing crops seem to be tough. So, people have to eat frozen fish, meat, etc. It has around 500 residents.

  2. 2 Barrow, Alaska

    Barrow, also known as Utqiagvik, is one of the world's most isolated places. It's a small town that can only be accessed by traveling by air. No roads are there that can help you reach this remote town.

  3. 3 Supai, Arizona americas secret swimming holes 001 havasu falls grand canyon arizona.jpg.rend .tccom .1280.960 19

    Have you heard about a place that can only be reached by hiking, riding, or helicopter? It's Supai, Arizona. Supai is one of those places that are most isolated in the world

  4. 4 La Rinconada, Peru

    LRP 1 1 2

    La Rinconada in Peru is where life isn't as easy as it seems. The city is the highest in the world with stunning scenery. Furthermore, the place is isolated as well. Getting there can take many struggles.

  5. 5 Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

    Voyageur Tripper Nunavut Ice and the Houses 17

    Do you know about Iqaluit? It's the capital of Nunavut, the most isolated town in the world. Also, it is a remote area of Canada. A person can reach this place by a flight to Ottawa.

  6. 6 Villas las Estrellas, Antarctica

    310px Villa Las Estrellas. Vista nocturna 16

    Villas las Estrellas is a civilian settlement. It's an isolated place that contains very few homes and a population.

  7. 7 Kalaupapa, Hawaii

    Molokai Kalaupapa Sea Cliffs 3

    Kalaupapa, located in Hawaii, is one of the most isolated places. Only a few dozen people reside here. Furthermore, getting Kalaupapa can take time and effort.

  8. 8 Siwa Oasis, Egypt


    Siwa is a fantastic oasis in Egypt. Furthermore, this town is considered the most isolated in Egypt, with very few populations.

  9. 9 Changtang, Tibet

    Changtang Plateau Nagqu 01 5

    Changing is one of the most isolated areas in the world. The place is also famous as the roof of the world. Furthermore, to enter here, you'll have to get permission.

  10. 10 Easter Island

    Rano raraku Moai statue Easter Island Chile

    Considered to be a remote place in the world is Easter Island. Also, it's included in one of the most isolated places having its own prominent culture and tradition.

  11. 11 Pitcairn Island

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    An excellent place that is the most isolated, too, is Pitcairn Island. It's a British Overseas Territory. You can reach Pitcairn Island through the Yacht ride, which takes many hours.

  12. 12 Ittoqqortoormiit Greenland

    port ittoqqortoormiit greenland

    The prettiest place worthy of being visited is Ittoqqortoormiit. It's a city in Eastern Greenland. Also, it's an isolated area. The population in 2020 research was almost 345.

  13. 13 Coober Pedy, Australia

    42 58017954

    Coober Pedy is a small town and also a remote place in Australia. Also, it's considered an isolated place because the population is very short. Almost it's the home of only 2500 to 3500 people.

  14. 14 Palmerstone, Cook Islands

    palmerston atoll people h 8

    Palmerstone is situated in the Cook Islands. It's gorgeous but too remote to reach. There might be internet and telephone access issues. Access to them is limited to a short time. From Rarotonga, it takes almost two days sailing voyage to reach here.

  15. 15 Motuo County, China

    landscape of motuo 7

    In our most isolated places list, Motuo County is also one. The region is most isolated and remote as well. Furthermore, it's stunning with exceptional natural beauty. 

  16. 16 McMurdo Station, Antarctica


    It's a U.S Antarctic research center. The place is almost at the bottom of the Earth. Furthermore, here only the researchers live. Travelers and visitors can only come and visit it.

  17. 17 Hawaii

    haw001b Hawaii Oahu Hanauma Bay Marine Life Sanctuary

    Another remote place in the world is Hawaii. It's an isolated population center as well. Furthermore, Hawaii is situated on the Pacific Ocean.

  18. 18 Socotra Island

    socotra island 4

    Socotra is an Island. Furthermore, the place is located in Yemen. It is considered to be the most isolated landform on Earth. Cultivation of dates, fishing, etc., is the main occupation there.

  19. 19 Laya Bhutan

    Laya Village 1 1

    Laya is a fantastic village that is extremely beautiful and full of natural beauty. It's a village in Bhutan. Furthermore, the town is isolated, and the number of inhabitants is minimal.

  20. 20 Herschel Island, Canada

    Herschel Island Canada 520 2

    Herschel Island is also prominent as an isolation place. It's an Island in the Beaufort Sea. Furthermore, people only visit its parks and museum; no one lives here now.

  21. 21 Bouvet Island

    104759405 sharifmirshak1

    This amazing place is situated south of the Antarctic Convergence. Furthermore, the site is one of the most isolated places. And it's said about it that no one lives here. Visitors come here to explore it.

    These were all highly isolated places in the world. Did you know about them before? 

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