10 Countries With The Highest Female Population

What do you get when you combine a large population of women and a low average lifespan?


A variety of widows! However that is not all there’s to it: these international locations additionally occur to be a number of the greatest locations for girls to dwell.

  1. 1 Nepal

    Nepal is home to the most women in the world. In fact, 54.4% of Nepal’s population is female!

    The literacy rate among Nepalese women is 43.6%, while life expectancy at birth is 63.9 years (the highest in South Asia).

    Like many other countries on this list, Nepal has experienced a long history of gender discrimination and inequality in many areas including education and healthcare access.

  2. 2 Latvia

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    Latvia has a female population of 1,914,000. The female population is 54.0% of the total population, which means that there are almost two women for every four men in Latvia. The country also has a long history of women in power—the first female head of government was Laima Andrikiene who served as prime minister from 1993-94.

    The capital city, Riga (or Rezekne), is located on the Baltic Sea and was originally founded by Vikings between 800 and 1000 AD. In 2014 it had an estimated population of 734 thousand people with around 60% being Latvians; nearly half being Russian speakers; and just under 50% speaking German as their native language

  3. 3 Lithuania

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    Lithuania, a country in Northern Europe, has a female population of 53.7%. This is the highest percentage of women in any country in the world.

    Lithuania is a small country that was once part of the Soviet Union (USSR). It's currently known for its basketball team (which won bronze) and its beautiful forests and lakes.

    The history of Lithuania dates back to ancient times when it was first settled by Baltic tribes around 3000 BC. In 1253 CE Lithuania became part of Poland; this lasted until 1795 CE when it became part of Russia. During World War I and II many Lithuanians died fighting against German occupation forces: more than 80% were killed or exiled by 1941 CE!

  4. 4 Ukraine


    Ukraine has the second-highest female population in Europe, with 53.7% of its citizens being women. The country also has a history of strong female figures, including the great singer and poet Lesya Ukrainka and political activist Olena Teliha.

    In Ukraine's capital Kiev, there is an important Soviet monument to women who have contributed to their country: a bronze statue called "Mother Ukraine". This is one of many statues honoring women throughout Ukraine's cities and towns.

  5. 5 Russia

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    You might be wondering why Russia is on this list. The answer is simple: 53.7% of the population here are female, and they're growing in number. In fact, Russia has one of the highest female populations in the world—and it's not even close!

    Geographically speaking, Russia is located between Europe and Asia and borders both Norway and Finland (which also happen to have high percentages of females). It's a vast country with many people living there: around 146 million people live there as of 2018.

    Russia's history with women may surprise you; while they were historically seen as inferior to men, things changed during World War II when women joined ranks alongside men in order to contribute to society during wartime. They continued working steadily after this time period ended until finally being granted equal rights under Soviet law from 1917 onwards through amendments made by Lenin himself!

  6. 6 Belarus

    Belarus female troops

    Belarus has a female population of 53.5%, making it one of the few countries in the world with more females than males. It has been this way since 1989, when Belarus gained independence from the USSR. The country also boasts an impressive history of women's rights: it was one of the first nations to give women the right to vote, in 1918. Belarusian poet Sophia Karpovich-Klitschko was a national hero for her role in leading the fight for independence from Russia during World War II.

    The geographical location of Belarus makes it an ideal place for people who enjoy winter sports or nature walks—as well as those who prefer being indoors all day watching Netflix!

  7. 7 Salvador

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    El Salvador has a total population of 6,505,865 and a female population of 3,252,882. This means that the percentage of women in El Salvador is 53.2%. The total number of women aged 15 and over was 1,902,608 or 47%, while the number of females aged 15 to 64 was 1,626,837 or 38%, and for those aged 15 to 24 years old it was roughly 738 thousand (18%).

    The geographic location of El Salvador makes it an ideal place for migration so it's no surprise that many women choose this country as their home. It also serves as an introduction point for those who wish to migrate further into other countries within Central America such as Guatemala or Honduras which have very high numbers themselves!

  8. 8 Armenia

    armenia 3

    Armenia is a country that has an overall female population of 53.0%. This number has increased since 2010, when it was 46.3%. However, one thing needs to be taken into consideration: Armenia is predominantly a Christian nation with over 95% of its people identifying as such. It's important to note that religion can influence birth rates and family planning practices in different ways across countries and cultures.

  9. 9 Estonia

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    Estonia is a small country in Northern Europe that has a rich history. The majority of its population is ethnic Estonians, but there are also other ethnic groups such as Russians, Ukrainians and Finns who have had an impact on the country. Women make up 52.7% of Estonia’s population and this figure is higher than both the global average (50%) and that of neighboring countries including Latvia (49%) and Lithuania (48%).

    The high number could be due to two factors: firstly, it may be because women were given equal rights in 1920; secondly, because life expectancy for men is shorter than for women in more developed countries like Estonia.

  10. 10 Portugal 247WS 559098 imageforentry1 hos 1

    Portugal has a 52.7% female population, which is the highest of any country in the world. However, Portugal's aging population means that it will soon have more men than women. The second-largest country in Western Europe with over 10 million people, Portugal has a low birth rate and a fertility rate of 1.37 births per woman—the lowest in Europe and well below replacement rates for maintaining population levels. This means that there are fewer babies born every year than there are people dying or moving away from the country; one way to address this is through immigration but another solution would be to increase fertility rates so that more children are born each year than leave or die.


    This is a bit of a surprise, but it’s clear that the countries that have more women than men tend to be in Europe and Asia. This can be attributed to various reasons such as migration patterns, health care access and 

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