10 Ways To Break A Bad Habit

Breaking a bad habit can be a difficult and frustrating process. Habits are often formed over many years and they become ingrained in our lives

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It is essential to do not forget that it took time to your unhealthy behavior to kind, so it should additionally take time to interrupt it. On this article, we’ll talk about 10 methods that you may break a foul behavior for good:

  1. 1 Make a List of Your Bad Habits

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    To break a bad habit, you need to know what it is. So take a few moments to think about the habits that you want to quit. Try not to judge yourself or feel ashamed: everybody has at least one bad habit they’d like to change or get rid of! If your list contains more than five or six items, that’s okay—just pick one and start there. The important thing is that you make sure your list includes all the things you want your life without bad habits look like.

    Telling people about this can be helpful because it allows them to support your process by helping keep track of when and where you fall back into old patterns.

  2. 2 Replace Your Bad Habits With Good Ones

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    With the power of positive thinking, you can replace your bad habits with good ones. 

    For example, doing something productive instead of watching TV or playing video games all day. Some examples include reading books instead of watching television, exercising daily instead of sitting around all day playing video games (or other computer-based activities), or cooking meals at home instead of ordering takeout every night when you get home from work/school/workout/etc..

    To stay motivated after setting new goals for yourself such as these above mentioned methods listed above please remember that any goal worth achieving requires hard work along with persistence and patience!

  3. 3 Focus on One Habit at a Time

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    You can't change everything at once. If you try to change too many things at once, you'll be overwhelmed and never get anywhere. So focus on one habit at a time, and then move on to the next.

    Break the habit down into smaller steps. You don't need to do everything overnight—take it slow and tackle the habit by breaking it down into small chunks that are easier for your brain to handle in one go.

  4. 4 Get to the Root of Why You Have a Bad Habit

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    When you're trying to break a bad habit, it can help to know why you have it in the first place. It's easy to write off a habit as just "some dumb thing I do" or "something I don't want to give up," but if you take some time to understand what's going on under the surface, your chances of being successful are much higher.

    It's important for us all—but especially for those who struggle with self-control—to understand what our triggers are and how they affect our behavior. If you know that every time there is watermelon around, you'll eat more than your share (and feel guilty about it later), then make sure there isn't any watermelon around when you need to resist temptation!

  5. 5 Focus on the Benefits of Breaking a Bad Habit


    Try to focus on the positive benefits of breaking a bad habit. Doing this can help you stay motivated, because it reminds you of why you want to break the bad habit in the first place. Try writing these down and keeping them somewhere where they'll be easy for you to see them when your motivation is low.

  6. 6 Enlist Help from Others and Hold Each Other Accountable


    If you're trying to break a bad habit, enlist the help of others. This can be a friend or family member who's willing to hold you accountable for breaking your habit. Make sure they understand that the goal is not punishment but elimination of the undesirable behavior. They should be willing to ask you how it's going and offer encouragement when necessary, but they shouldn't let each other get away with excuses or giving up!

  7. 7 Add Positive Affirmations to Your Life

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    One way to break a bad habit is to add positive affirmations to your life. Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself, like “I have confidence in myself” or “I am happy and confident today." Repeating these phrases can help you break a bad habit because after doing it for awhile, the affirmation will become a part of who you are. It can also help you achieve your goals by boosting your confidence and self-esteem so that when you try something new, it's easier for you than before!

  8. 8 Reward Yourself for Successes in Breaking a Habit

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    If a reward is something that builds momentum or encourages you to do something, then it's a good idea to reward yourself for your successes in changing a bad habit. It's important that the reward be planned and reasonable, so that it doesn't become an occasion for eating more (or worse yet, using food as your primary coping mechanism). This might mean giving yourself something like ten minutes of time alone with your favorite book or movie after working out three times in one week—or perhaps treating yourself to some new workout clothes when you've stuck with running twice per week for 30 days straight.

  9. 9 Forgive Yourself for Mistakes When Breaking a Habit

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    One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are trying to break a habit is that they don't forgive themselves for making mistakes. When you're trying something new and different, it's important to remember that you're going to make mistakes, especially at first. Mistakes aren't shameful or embarrassing; they're just part of the process. So instead of beating yourself up for them, learn from them and try again!

  10. 10 Keep Working Toward Your Long-Term Goal to Break a Habit

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    If you’ve been working hard and still haven't achieved the results you want, don’t give up. Remember that it takes time to break a bad habit. Try again later, or try finding ways to help yourself along.

    Even if a setback is discouraging, keep trying! Even small successes can be encouraging reminders that your actions are making a difference and helping you get closer to your goal.

    Don't expect yourself to immediately be able to do everything perfectly in order to succeed at breaking a habit—it takes practice! Be patient with yourself as you learn new behaviors.


    If you are looking to break a bad habit, then you need to start by knowing there is no “one size fits all” solution. You have to do what works best for you and your situation. The best way is through trial and error!

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  1. Totaly agree with most of the things mentioned in this post. Some habits are really difficult to break away from but this article here really helps a lot and well detailed.