10 Tips To Protect Your Self From Social Media Overdose

Social media is a huge part of our lives, but it can also be really toxic. If you're using social media to grow your business or build your brand

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that is one factor. Nonetheless, when you’re consistently checking Instagram or Twitter as a result of it is simply a part of your routine – even when it is not essentially one thing you take pleasure in – then that is one other story. 

It doesn’t suggest that you must cease utilizing social media altogether, but it surely may imply limiting how a lot time you spend on it every single day and being cautious about what sort of content material comes throughout your feed every single day. Listed below are ten ideas for safeguarding your self from social media overdose:

  1. 1 Turn off notifications

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    It's important to remember that the amount of time you spend on social media has absolutely nothing to do with how much you love your friends. They care deeply about you and want to hear from you in person, so don't feel like it's selfish or lazy to turn off notifications.

  2. 2 Set a time limit

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    The best way to avoid social media overload is by setting a time limit for yourself.Set the timer on your phone, laptop or tablet and make sure you do not exceed the time limit. You can also use an app like Social Media Detox which helps you find ways to disconnect from social media

  3. 3 Trust your gut


    You need to trust your gut. If you feel like you are losing control over your time spent on social media, step back. If you feel like there's too much content coming in and the noise is overwhelming, step back. If you've been feeling down or anxious after spending time online, it's likely that social media has become a negative influence in your life.

    So don't panic—just take steps to limit how much time you spend on these sites so that you can start enjoying them again without guilt or anxiety.

  4. 4 Be picky about who you follow

    When you are trying to control your social media over-consumption, one of the best things to do is to be picky about who you follow. Follow people you know and care about, but if they’re constantly posting negative content, unfollow them. Don’t follow anyone who brings you down or makes you feel bad about yourself, no matter how much of a fan you are of their work. And avoid following people who post depressing news — it will only make everything seem bleak and the world seem like a terrible place.

  5. 5 Only log on when you really want to

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    The best way to minimize your social media addiction is to only log on when you really want to. It's okay if that means you're not on it all the time—in fact, it's better for your mental health and productivity! If a friend or family member asks about why you aren't online as much as usual, don't feel like there is anything wrong with simply saying that you've been busy with other things and don't have time for social media.

    We are all busy people and need to prioritize tasks based on our needs at any given moment. Your friends will understand this completely if they truly care about how active their relationship is with you. 

  6. 6 Use the newsfeed sparingly

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    You can use the newsfeed sparingly. It's fine to use it to stay up to date with friends, but don't spend too much time on it. It's not a good idea to use the newsfeed as a way to procrastinate from doing other things that are important for you or your life (like studying for exams, working on projects and assignments, spending time with family and friends). If you're feeling upset or depressed, then don't go on Facebook at all—instead reach out directly to someone who can help or support you.

  7. 7 Filter out people who make you feel bad about yourself

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    One of the best ways to avoid social media burnout is to filter out people who make you feel bad about yourself.

    • Don't let negative or critical people in your life, whether it's a person or many people.
    • Don't let anyone be negative about others, especially those who are important in your life.
    • Don't let anyone be negative about themselves.
    • Don't allow yourself to get stuck on social media for hours because another person is complaining about a problem that doesn't exist (e.g., "I'm broke! There's nothing I can do!").
  8. 8 Block or delete people who bully you or who try to shame you for your choices

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    Blocking someone is a better option than unfriending them because you can still see their posts on your newsfeed. When you block someone, it will be impossible for them to contact you on that specific platform and also prevents them from seeing anything that you share on the platform.

    Your options are either blocking everyone or just blocking a specific person(s). If someone is harassing or bullying you, block the person by clicking on their name in your friends list and then click “Block” next to their name. 

  9. 9 Unfriend or unfollow people who are constantly posting depressing news

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    If you are someone who constantly wants to keep tabs on the latest news, be it good or bad, then it is best to unfriend or unfollow people who post depressing news. It is important not to feel guilty about this as these kinds of individuals will only drag you down. 

    Don’t let bullies get the better of you either; they will always find ways to upset and anger you if they know that they can get a reaction from doing so. If a particular person seems intent on posting negative things all the time, then cut them off completely because their negativity could affect your mood and make your day worse than it needs to be!

  10. 10 Set boundaries about how much social media you use and don't feel guilty about it

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    We all have busy lives, and there’s no shame in setting boundaries around how much time we spend on social media. For example, if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of time your kids spend gaming or watching TV, maybe it’s time to put some limits in place. Or if reading through your feed at night keeps you up and disrupts your sleep, consider turning off the apps before bedtime.

    Social media can also be a source of stress when people compare their lives with others online. If this is something that concerns you (or causes feelings of guilt), take steps to limit these comparisons by unfollowing or blocking certain people who trigger them for you — and never feel guilty about doing so!


    That's all for now! Go forth and be sure to take care of yourself in all the ways that you can. Remember that social media is not a bad thing, but it does have its downsides. If you feel like your life has been negatively affected by social media, then it may be time to take some steps towards limiting how much time or energy you spend on it every day - but don't feel bad about doing so!

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