The Scary Bat Backdrop

The Scary Bat Backdrop

The Scary Bat Backdrop

<What do we do today in the end?> Ale stretched his back, entering the small attic that was his boyfriend’s apartment. He, who was two meters and more, would never get used to the small size in which Vittorio lived, for him it was inconceivable; it would be an eternal sentence to back pain and hump.

<I don’t know, we could sit on the sofa for a while, maybe see something on TV …> he said, taking something from the kitchen.

<Whatever you have taken, make sure it’s not too salty. I don’t want to die of high blood pressure at twenty-five! > He made room on the sofa, eliminating old magazines – probably left by the old owners, since it was Novella 2000 and other things on the same juncture and recovering his companion’s pc, ready to put a good horror film, which for the month of October was always the best.

<How dramatic you are… it is just popcorn, without salt they don’t taste like anything!> That place was so small that he didn’t even need to raise his voice to hear him from the kitchen.

<Here, just as I thought … you don’t really care about your – but above all my – health! Look, I have to go to work tomorrow, I can’t go there with ten kilos more and the pressure a thousand> he muttered, while he was looking at Vittorio’s desktop. His house was so messy, so much was his PC: a thousand windows open to the screen, ten thousand videos being played, a flood of open projects and not even the shadow of the background. Did he really have to close them all by hand? Nah, there was a special little button to minimize … he didn’t want to become his servant even when it came to the pc. <What movie do you want to see? I was considering ‘Dawn of the Living Chickens’> he sneered.

<So you’re the one who wants me my sorrow … I categorically refuse to watch even a second of that obscene film – what are you doing?!> The sudden alarm in his voice surprised him. He had just played it down, and yes, the background wasn’t the best, but quite in tune with the season: a cavern full of glittering bat eyes. Interesting, not particularly scary, certainly less than the Dawn of Living Chickens.

<What is the problem? I get it, you don’t want that movie, but I still have to put something on, right? How do you want me to do it?> Out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw her little eyes glisten.

<Well, you could … you could have waited for me, that’s it! Now reopen the Chrome window> suddenly seemed aggressive and alarmed.

<Okay, okay!> Sometimes he had these things, so he didn’t worry too much. But when he clicked the icon, it didn’t react at all. <Um, I’m afraid it’s frozen …> he admitted without having the courage to look him in the eyes of him. Or maybe he couldn’t take his eyes off the screen? He appeared to have zoomed in automatically, spreading out over a small group of bats in the corner.

<Ok, forget it, let’s do something else, will you? I will bring it in for assistance tomorrow …> his words seemed far away, and everything was getting dark. Were those still bat eyes? They looked like car headlights on his face. It was beautiful. He was tired.

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