Spider Web And Spider Bites

Spider web and spider bites Hilarious Hippo

Spider Web And Spider Bites

<You know, I’ve always wondered why these things keep happening to us all the time. Maybe it’s a message from God>

<Or maybe it is that we continue to choose to travel with the storm. I understand that your sister is about to give birth, Sophie, but if there is a storm, however, we would not arrive in time to see the baby!>

<You are absolutely numb, Gabriel! How could I wait any longer? The letters already take forever to arrive, if I had left later I would probably have seen him only once he had turned eighteen!>

<Sometimes I regret walking you around, you know?>

<Well, I don’t have a carriage, and you’re the kindest neighbour in the world, that’s okay, isn’t it? Ouch!>

Sophie’s scream coincided with the lighting of a small match, which illuminated the faces of the two locked together in that squeaky shack. On the one hand, the blond curls of the girl, wrapped in a burgundy shawl as she rubbed her nose made red by the cold, on the other a young man with tanned skin and a shirt tied to the last button.

<You burned me!> She protested waving her injured hand as the light went out again.

<Hey, I don’t see anything in here!> He retorted, lighting a second one and bringing it closer to a heap of scrub collected in the fireplace. After a while, the small deserted room was illuminated by the warm glow of the burning brush. <This place is full of cobwebs …> Sophie murmured, looking up at the low ceiling where the tiny arachnids were hiding, letting the silver nets act as a veil and blanket. <Do you remember, when as children we slipped into the old pantry?> Her blue eyes lit up as she clung to the young man’s arm and shook him.

<Oh, of course, I remember! You came out screaming because the cobwebs stuck to your hair … and I told you they looked good on you, and you looked at me as if you wanted to strike me!> He laughed, placing a hand on her. <I have to say the gaze hasn’t changed an inch> he added in a whisper, staring into her eyes. She blushed suddenly and looked away, feigning offense. <Oh, well! It’s not like you’ve ever been this knight!> She grumbled, turning her face. <How not? I was the one who chased away the spider that had bitten you, you know?> Their faces were so close that if she had turned their noses would have touched.

<Do you want a round of applause?> She lowered her voice too, letting herself be hypnotized by the fire.

<I’m pretty convinced you have your scar left, it shows> it seemed anything but a game, all of a sudden. His delicate hand gripped her chin, turning her face towards him, and he cast his warm gaze on her faded spider-bite mark on her lower lip, then looked into her eyes. And suddenly they kissed, but we’re pretty sure this never happened at twelve.

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