The Last Warrior’s Tears

the last warrior's tears

We are running out … we don’t have much time left … if we want to save this world there is only one way. I can’t believe I’m trusting a legend, but there is literally nothing I can do to prevent its destruction but this. According to arcane spells, unused for millennia, an enchantment can be created that can bring back to life the territories that are now dead… let plants grow and generate animals, generate life. The spell is simple, but it is made impossible by a seal that blocks it: to be able to use it, you must have the tears of the last warrior. I know that in a world decimated by wars like ours seems an absurd, impossible request, but … In the depths of Sig Uo’s Empire, hidden behind the mountains, there is a place untouched for centuries. Some say that this is just a coincidence, that there is very little there for our governments to exploit for anyone to get lost. That is where I am sending you because if there is even one chance to save our world, it is hidden in its depths.

The metallic voice, muffled by my teacher’s oxygen mask, resonates in my mind like a sad warning. We have been traveling for days, walking on mountain paths now only run by goats, we are tired, but cannot stop. On the other hand, we don’t have much time left to be tired, perhaps just over a month before not even the most powerful of spells can save us … we will have time to be when we have saved the world.

For a day or so the territory has changed: we have passed the Il’Geofm mountain pass, and it is much hotter than expected. The environment is almost tropical, lush, and very lively, with plants that I have never seen before: green and blue leaves cast colored shadows on the earth, chimeras, and small insects cross the road, and only a path crosses this small valley. It is hidden, made of large pools as if a giant had passed through it flattening the grass centuries ago, we can barely follow it. My friends have stopped talking, they just observe in silence: none of us have seen a place like this since we were children.

When we get to the end we are dazed and out of breath, but what we see still tears us a verse that is halfway between a scream and a sigh. There is … something, in the middle of a clear blue lake. I don’t know if it’s a statue, it’s dressed in a stone breastplate, and sits on what looks like skeletons, or pieces of armor. It is curled up on himself, as if it was injured, and holds in its arms… a child. A tiny, mummified body covered with translucent scales, dried on bones as thin as a bird’s, which almost break his skin. I advance in the water, making my way through twenty centimeters of clear liquid with a vaguely salty smell. I realize that behind the shadow that the helmet casts on the face of the mysterious creature, two thin torrents of tears flow. it has been here for centuries, this being, and has never stopped crying. Am I sure I want to collect some, just to buy time in our world? Who knows if it died for this very reason, to give an opportunity.

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