Death Of The Sacred Monster

Death of the sacred monster

<Baeli, why are you here? I thought you left at least a week ago …> Peregrin is perplexed, he didn’t expect the return of his best friend after the end of their latest adventure, not so soon at least, but the lost look she gives him quickly dissolves the smile on his face. <Did something happen?> She looks around as if she expects at any moment to see my royal palace disappear at. He knows that it took them a long time to get here and that his election as king was not at all expected, but she seems too perplexed to him. She seems undecided to speak to him, until a few moments later the door opens and the whole company enters, so recently disbanded that it still seems too unreal to be true. The massive Abaran, as usual, has a hard time thinking that the doors can be opened without shoulders, and the young king is a little worried that little Hena, whom he holds so generously in his arms, will grow up believing that it is good practice to break the doors to enter.

<What happens, why did you call us Bae?> Asks the great perplexed warrior, placing the child on the ground.

She continues to be silent, and merely opens the large windows that open onto the terrace of the royal palace, indicating the horizon. <Haven’t you really noticed anything strange in the week that just passed?> She asks her, the terror making her voice tremble.

Everyone leans out, curious and a little worried: the borders of the large green valley where they live are enveloped in a muffled mist, but apart from that, there is really nothing strange that can attract their attention. <Please Bae, explain, I’m starting to worry> Peregrin is getting impatient, more out of a rush of concern for her than because he doesn’t mind her presence.

<I believe that the being who for a year now has governed our life, placing obstacles and challenges in front of us, is dying … and our world with him. Take a good look> They realized with some dismay that there was actually something strange in the world around them, extraordinarily silent and … almost plastic. Their country was flattening out, like a drawing on a squared map, trees and mountains seemed to turn into plastic shapes… sure, the overlap is barely visible, but it is evident that it is progressing. <I went to the Felrfon passes … beyond them there is nothing more> the girl’s whisper reached them from behind. <The mysterious voice that told of our adventures, like a strange invisible and all-knowing bard, has disappeared> Peregrin realized, with a mixture of relief and horror, that what she said was true. Their sweet-voiced narrator had abandoned them, but he was taking their world with him.

<We have to do something. We must stop him from leaving> As usual, the king takes the lead.

<But how can we reach someone we’ve never even seen?> Abaran, on the other hand, is always the first to raise doubts.

<Well we’ll have to find a way if we don’t want to die>

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