The Monstrous Figure

The monstrous figure

A gentle wind blew in my face. I was on a gently sloping hill, with flowers swaying under my gaze, painting the valley before me a pale blue colour. The sky was also blue, of that intense blue that hardly seems real. In fact, it all seemed too perfect: the sun was peeking over my head, yet I didn’t feel hot, the ground was dry and it didn’t make my clothes dirty. I felt an ethereal and incredible peace envelop and cradle me… Perhaps one of the most pleasant moments of my life.

I lay down on the ground and stared at the sky, it seemed to me that I was in a kind of paradise that revolved all around me as if every being depended only on my being there as if I were their only reason for living.

After a few minutes I realized that, however, there was no sound in that place, only the wind that made the sea of ​​grass ripple in front of me. There were no large animals, but not even insects and small inhabitants of the prairies: ants did not climb up my bare skin, you could not hear crickets, you could not hear the croaking of frogs and there were no birds to sing. It was like being in a bubble!

The wind suddenly grew stronger, as if my thoughts had stirred it. My hair obscured my vision as I sat up, looking around as a dull sense of unease dripped into my heart, cold. I realized with horror that the valley in front of me was distorted as if it had been the victim of some optical effect as if I were under the influence of some drug. I looked above me, and I saw the red eat the blue: the sky was bleeding like a stabbed man’s shirt, and that intense red swallowed the blue in large patches that always expanded rapidly.


Closed my eyes, I saw that the sky was dripping on the earth. The light was tinged with burgundy as every point it touched withered. From afar I saw death approaching me: the grass dried up and the dust of the dried flowers invaded my nose, filling it with rancid perfume. It was the same smell as the water of flowers when it is not changed for too long, but ten times more powerful.


It made me sick, my head was spinning. I fell forward even though a second before I was not standing, and there was something in front of me. A monster, it moved every time I closed my eyes, black and disgusting. It was a distorted, monstrous figure, and it seemed anything but irrational: bent forward like a chimpanzee, its skin seemed to be made of black leather and creaked with every movement, as if it were about to tear at any moment. Black hair, bristly and wet with an oily substance dripping from his skin, lined his back. Red eyes stared at me without soul, full of flies that didn’t seem to bother him at all. His whole body seemed to be decomposing: clouds of flies sucked rotting flesh from large open lesions on his body, it hummed horribly, but his smell continued to be that of rotten flowers.


It was in front of me, and all around it the walls of my room tightened like those of a prison, smaller and smaller, more than I remembered, and that being was on top of me and I felt crushed and it was on top of me and his horrible wounded hands were on my neck and I felt his oily blood dripping under my skin and I was choking and

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