The Castel Sant’Angelo

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LP report, ‘Popular Legends’, Sibyl Team

Mission 1

The Lochness Monster

Headquarters, this is your Sibyl speaking to you, accompanied by Morkie, Scylla, and Charybdis. We have undertaken, as taught by the Academy, our first mission in search of these fantastic creatures.

I have to admit, when we got to the lake we were expecting a lot better. As usual, we humans spoil everything, and we found ourselves shortly after on a boat in the middle of the water with a lot of boatmen that came straight from the 1800s. To be honest, Charybdis greatly appreciated the themed hats, and sometimes he also puts them on when he is on a mission.

We immersed ourselves shortly after, and we attach photos of the environment. We need to categorize the creature as a Level 2 Order monster. The damn guy hadn’t thrown out the trash in months, and we were forced to make our way in diving suits among half-eaten carcasses and half-eaten food. There are children dying in Africa, for Diana! But apparently, this repulsive being doesn’t really care. As long as the commoners continue to put him on weight by feeding him the leftovers of their juicy meat lunch, he is not really interested in putting his diet right. And it cannot be said that we have not tried, but here we need the intervention of a dietician, more than a team like ours.

Mission 2

Beatrice Cenci

That poor girl! It must be admitted that we weren’t very patient with her, we presented ourselves as the poor version of the ghostbusters, and God knows how many that little girl has seen.

You should have seen her: she stirred around the ghost of her gallows, down in Castel Sant’Angelo, like a soul in pain. Ok, it is more appropriate to say that she is in fact, and only, a soul in pain. When she realized we were seeing her, however, she immediately began to snort. She says that for a century now, things have become complicated for spirits like her and that even Julius Caesar at the Anonymous Specters group has complained of a continuous interference by ‘Masters of the Occult’ in their business. By now their presence has become more of an attraction than a form of a social lesson or a warning to others! They are thinking of resigning, but the boss is a tough head and he doesn’t want to let them go. They say that in such a modern place there is really no room for them and that they feel cramped in this world so distant from the one they have lived in. Beatrice also complains that every day Mastro Titta has to follow the same path. Apparently whoever decided their rounds was pretty sadistic, but I have to admit it doesn’t seem like a good idea to me either to put a victim next to her executioner!

In any case, we have recorded her complaints in a special file. She seemed very happy to finally be able to talk to the ‘upper floors, so I would try a little intercession. Charybdis is of the opposite opinion: since Beatrice made fun of his hat in the shape of a monster of Lochness, he took a dislike to her and says that maybe she deserves to hang around with Mastro Titta if that’s how she treats guests.

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