This Underappreciated Comedy Anime Is Glorious for Followers Who Work in Retail

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Skull-face Bookseller Honda-San is a peculiar, comedic slice-of-life anime that focuses on the real-world experience of genuine creator Honda, who labored as a clerk inside the manga division of a Japanese bookstore. The sequence’ twelve episodes, which each have a runtime of fifteen minutes, component numerous humorous eventualities from managers having to handle over-enthusiastic English audio system to the day-to-day doldrums of stacking cupboards.

Whereas the current is aesthetically fantastical, with each clerk given a ridiculous head to cowl their id, it stays extraordinarily grounded in its depiction of the regularly lifetime of a retail worker. Honda-san’s commentary is extraordinarily relatable for people who’ve labored inside the commerce and is a tutorial experience for anyone with a keen curiosity on the earth of books or Japanese custom. Proper right here’s why Skull-face Bookseller Honda-San is a must-watch for anyone that works in a retail job, or for people who merely must uncover an underappreciated comedic gem.

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The Shoppers

Anyone who has wanted to handle most of the people at their workplace undoubtedly understand many of the frustrations that embody these interactions. From attempting to answer extraordinarily space of curiosity inquiries to dealing with agitated shoppers that haven’t acquired the service or merchandise that they’d hoped for. Working in retail may be tough, and Skull-face Bookseller Honda-San manages to point out this brilliantly.

No matter Honda-san being good at his job, he is repeatedly on edge when dealing with the patrons he encounters. Whether or not or not it’s the anxiousness that comes from having to speak a language that isn’t his private or simply the stress that could be conjured when points get busy, the whole thing feels surprisingly acquainted to anyone that has spent a day or two inside the hospitality or retail sector.

Every the animation trend and voice performing work is harmonious with Skull-face Bookseller Honda-San‘s imaginative and prescient, by which purchaser’s faces are magnified to exemplify the anxiety-provoking encounters that Honda faces. The fastened screams and shouts of the managers when a single issue goes amiss are frighteningly appropriate and laugh-out-loud hilarious.

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The Firm Varieties

One different a part of the retail world that Skull-face Bookseller Honda-San manages to depict splendidly is the kinds a person ought to endure when taking up educated place. In Episode 4, “Mission: An Exterior Work-ish Job”, Honda-san is made to endure by way of a training session whereby workers ought to role-play how they welcome shoppers and one of the best ways they smile.

The scenes that observe not solely highlight the ridiculousness of these exercises and the best way uncomfortable they make people actually really feel, nevertheless one of the best ways the instructors focus on down to each retailer clerk as within the occasion that they’d been children. Whereas these actions are supposed to assemble a person’s confidence, it lastly leaves many feeling apprehensive or in a state of existential catastrophe. The sequence’ animation trend utterly reinforces the absurdity of these pressured circumstances. From the grotesque facial appearances of each character to Honda-san being despatched proper right into a spiraling melancholy, viewers will each uncover all of it gut-wrenchingly humorous or too acquainted to stomach.

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The Staff

The comradery between the store workers and their collective unfavorable attitudes will probably actually really feel reminiscent to people who have labored in an an identical ambiance. Whereas many roles have been taken on-line or have staff separated by their departments, the workers in Honda-san’s bookstore work side-by-side every day and are consequently pressured into circumstances the place they should help each other.

In Episode 2, “Let Me Introduce My Crazy Colleagues in This Bookstore!”, each employee works ferociously to get a backlog of odd-jobs sorted. Whether or not or not it’s prepping the afternoon’s cargo of books, or serving shoppers on the till, each worker hurriedly goes about their enterprise in an effort to go dwelling on time. Although many would possibly think about {{that a}} bookstore might be a relaxed ambiance to work in, Honda-san’s portrayal seems one thing nevertheless. Instead, all people darts spherical from one division to the next to help their fellow workers who’re repeatedly overwhelmed by the number of shoppers or the continuous packages that arrive for them to catalog and distribute.

Viewers might depend on to see touching moments between Skull-face Bookseller Honda-San’s characters, nonetheless, the sequence is basically void of emotional scenes or moments the place their backstories are developed. Whereas this has probably been achieved to spice up the comedic aspect of the current, it too offers to the realism of Honda-san’s workplace ambiance. The workers are clearly nice with each other and have a wonderful working relationship, however they are not so shut that they spend a considerable period of time collectively exterior of labor. In the long run, this often shows many working relationships, by which staff don’t know every aspect of each other’s non-public lives.

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Skull-face Bookseller Honda-San is a surprisingly underappreciated sequence. Its quick wit, off-the-wall art work trend, and social commentary are extraordinarily refreshing and one factor that nearly anyone will get pleasure from. For individuals who work in retail, or have beforehand had this experience, many of the current’s plot components will seem eerily acquainted and sure act as a kind of catharsis. With solely a 180-minute run-time, this sequence may be watched in a single day and is an outstanding risk for anyone who must dip their toes in anime’s comedy model.

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