Whang-Od: The Last True Tattoo Artist in the World at 105 Years Old Revealed

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Have you ever heard about Whang-Od? Who is she? Where is she from? Why is she much popular? Let’s explore everything about her.


Everything you need to know about Whang-Od?

Whang-Od has become much more popular now. A lady of more than 100 years and is still active. So, let’s discuss Whang-Od.


Who is Whang-Od, and where is she from?

Whang-Od is a tattoo artist. She was born o 17 February 1917. Furthermore, Whang-Od belongs to Buscalan, Tinglayan, and Kalinga, Philippines. Alongside she is also known as Maria Oggay. She is single Whang-Od is not married, so she doesn’t have any children.


From where did she learn the skill?

Whang-Od learned this skill from her father. At that time, her father was a renowned tattoo artist in the region and was recognized for his exceptional abilities in tattooing. Furthermore, her father recognized her interest and talent in tattoo making and started teaching her this skill. This was the time when only men were allowed to learn and practice this skill. But Whang-Od finished this discrimination. Furthermore, tattooing was considered a sign of good luck in battles, marriage, etc.


Why is Whang-Od so popular?

We know that Whang-Od is a tattoo artist. But what makes the things most famous about her is that she is the last real tattoo artist in the world at 105 years old. Furthermore, she started tattooing when she was fifteen years old. At that time, she was perhaps the first female tattoo artist in Kalinga.


Furthermore, the popularity of this tattoo artist is undeniable. Tourists from all over the world come to get her service. Even they don’t care about the long journey and drive many hours to get their tattoo from her. Also, Whang-Od excellently deals with customers or visitors. She takes almost twenty to thirty customers every day easily. But if someone comes to have a tattoo from her, he will have to wait for its turn. No one can expect to get his tattoo before those who came earlier.


 Whang-Od is the only one truly representing the culture and tradition of the area. Furthermore, as I’ve mentioned earlier, Whang-Od has no child because she isn’t married. So she teaches this skill to her nieces, Grace Palicas and Elyang.


Even it’s usually said that she is the lady who highlighted the name of Kalinga. Tourists across the world come to get their tattoos done. Whang-Od herself has covered her body with numerous tattoo designs representing different meanings.


The ink she made for tattoo making is usually a mixture of charcoal and water. Furthermore, she is 105 years old, but the spirit of creating tattoos is still at its peak. Whang-Od still has customers who travel a long distance to reach here.

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In short, Whang-Od is considered the real asset of the area, promoting its rich culture. Even at her age of 105 years, she is still passionate about her art.

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