29 Creative Halloween Makeup Ideas from Best Horror Movies

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Are you looking for creative Halloween makeup ideas? This article will be helpful for you because there are excellent, superb Halloween makeup ideas that will assist you in making you prominent in the crowd. So, let’s start with the twenty-nine creative Halloween makeup ideas from the best horror movies.


  1. Cracked makeup:


By doing this make, a person can get a cracked look on the face. You can also call it shattered face makeup. Also, there is no need for prosthetics during this makeup.


  1. Zombie makeup:


There are so many zombie makeup ideas available on the internet. Furthermore, it can assist in giving a horror look.


  1. Clown makeup:


Clown makeup is also one of those creative Halloween makeup ideas that can turn into a horrible look.


  1. Devil makeup: 


Having creative devil makeup for Halloween can also be a good choice. What do you think about a devil’s makeup with a perfect matching costume and horns on the head?


  1. Frankenstein’s Monster:


Are you looking for a classic Halloween makeup idea? Frankenstein’s monster look can be a good option.


  1. White walkers’ look:


White walker’s look for Halloween makeup ideas is also a suitable option. It looks dreadful with blue eyes and white, gray hair. Furthermore, the steady hands and mummy-like appearance will add more to the look.


  1. Joker Halloween makeup:


Are you looking for a creative Halloween makeup idea? Joker Halloween makeup can give you a perfect look. Have an ideal costume, apply joker Halloween makeup, and get a unique villain look.


  1. Disney Halloween makeup:


Transform yourself into the best by applying Disney Halloween makeup. Choose a perfect look best suited to you with matching clothes and see yourself in your desired appearance.


  1. Vampire makeup:


Vampire makeup is also best for creative Halloween makeup ideas. Create dark circles under your eyes with a black shade. Dark lips with red blood look good as well.


  1. Skull Halloween makeup:


Select the skull makeup of your choice, as there is a wide variety. Split face, half face, ghost skull Halloween makeup, etc., all are optional with their uniqueness.


  1. Bent neck lady:


Use this type of Halloween makeup to get a scary, dreadful, and terrifying look. If you’ve experienced watching “The haunting of hills house,” you can better understand the look.


  1. Monster makeup:


If you want to get the monster look, try the monster Halloween makeup.


  1. Dracula look:


While talking about Halloween makeup ideas, how can we forget the Dracula look? Furthermore, it’s a classic makeup look, making you prominent.


  1. Tiger Halloween makeup:


You’ll be required black eyeliner and black lipstick for the tiger Halloween makeup. Also, don’t forget the black eye shadow.


  1. Morticia Addams:


If you know about the classic movie The Adams Family, you should know about this look. You can get your creative Halloween look through this idea.


  1. Golden Witch:


A golden witch Halloween makeup look can also be ideal. Get the perfect scary look by having a black dress, hair, and golden shade makeup, with a horrible black, frightening design.


  1. Harley Quinn


Another creative Halloween makeup looks from the character of Harley Quinn. The look is like scattered hair, the red color on lips and face look bloody, etc.


  1. Witch of the Night:


There are numerous witch makeup ideas, but this one differs from others—Black snake-like hair with black lipstick, a little bit of scratch makeup on cheeks.


  1. Witch in scarlet:


This one Halloween makeup to look like a witch is also fabulous. Witch in the Scarlet face will make you unique from others.


  1. Spooky witch Halloween makeup:

Become the witch of the night with this spooky witch Halloween makeup. Furthermore, try this; you’ll love this. A black costume and creepy witch look will be perfect.


  1. The Jigsaw Killer:


A horror film inspires this makeup look. The character of Saw is fantastic for your following Halloween makeup.


  1. Maleficent:


Getting this Halloween look can also be a better choice. It’s not tough to create this look.


  1. Straight from Fantasy Land:


Looking for a different Halloween makeup idea, this one can be fantastic. Also, it’s scary and dreadful, giving you a horrible appearance.


  1. A Broken Doll:


This one creative Halloween makeup idea will make you horrible and scary. So, try this one.


  1. Ursula:


Ursula is the sea witch. The Little Mermaid inspires the character. A Disney villain outfit with this scary makeup would look right.


  1. Hello, Pumpkin


The Pumpkin look would be horrible and different as well. This look will make you prominent from the crowd.


  1. Cleopatra:

What you need for this is gold and glittery makeup. This Halloween makeup look will rock you.


  1. Chucky Halloween Makeup:

Dress yourself up like chunky, and have makeup on your face like her, scary and dreadful.


  1. Cruella De Ville


One of the excellent choices for Halloween makeup is this one. Look like her, and rock the night.



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All of the ideas mentioned above are unique and have their importance and different look. Choose of your own choice what seems best to you.

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