10 Things To Do In Ireland For Romantic Couples

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Ireland is the perfect romantic getaway for couples. It’s got everything from lush green landscapes and beaches, to cozy pubs serving delicious food and drink. Here are some of the best things to do in Ireland as a couple!

1. Titanic Experience Cobh

The Titanic Experience Cobh is a museum and visitor center dedicated to the RMS Titanic. It is located in Cobh, Co. Cork. The center was opened in 2010 and aims to raise awareness of how Irish emigrants were affected by the sinking of the ship.

The building itself was once used as an immigration processing center prior to its use as a hospital during World War I and later as a US Naval base during World War II before being decommissioned in 1996.

When visiting this attraction, you can learn about some interesting facts about Ireland’s connection with both World Wars including:

  • The fact that more than 700 soldiers from County Kerry fought at Gallipoli between Turkey and Australia against Ottoman forces during WWI;
  • On March 31st 1918 (a date which now marks International Women’s Day), over 2200 women marched through Dublin demanding political rights for women;
  • In 1919, Éamon de Valera was elected president of Sinn Féin on a platform which included “the abolition or complete independence” for Ireland – years later he would become leader of Fianna Fáil who went on to form Dáil Éireann after winning elections held in December 1922!

2. The Dingle Peninsula

The Dingle Peninsula is a great place for couples. It’s home to many beautiful beaches and great restaurants, in addition to its most famous attraction: the Blasket Islands.

The Blasket Islands are a group of five land masses off the west coast of Ireland that have been uninhabited since 1953. They were once inhabited by a small community who made their living as fishermen and farmers, but they were forced to leave when their homes began crumbling away due to erosion caused by storms and rising sea levels.

The only way you can get there now is through boat tours leaving from Portmagee or Dunquin near Dingle Town (which are also worth visiting if you’re going on one). But don’t worry—if getting off-the-ground isn’t your thing, there are plenty more activities available in town!

3. Blarney Castle & Gardens

The Blarney Castle is a medieval stronghold located in Blarney, near Cork City, in Ireland. It is renowned for the legend of the “Blarney Stone,” which is set into the battlements of the structure and can only be kissed when hanging upside down from nearby kissing points.

When kissed, it’s said that one will receive a never-ending flow of eloquence; though historians have questioned whether this was really what made James IV such an accomplished speaker!

4. Dublin Ghost Bus Tours

The Dublin Ghost Bus Tours are a great way to learn about the city’s history and folklore. If you’re looking for an interesting activity, this is it! The company offers a variety of tours that are available at night, during the day, or twilight (a combination of both).

Their tours are also available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French and German. They can accommodate groups as large as 30 people and offer one-on-one tours for individuals who want something more intimate.

5. The Grand Canal Boat trip in Dublin City Center

The Grand Canal is a navigable canal in Ireland. The canal runs from Dublin to the River Shannon and was built between 1796 and 1804 by engineer James Gandon. It is a branch of the Royal Canal, which links Dublin to the River Shannon at Athlone on Ireland’s west coast. The Grand Canal is one of three navigations which comprise the Irish Waterways, along with Liffey Navigation and Royal Canal.

The Grand Canal is popular with tourists because it provides scenic cruising routes through many areas of historical interest such as Phoenix Park, St Stephen’s Green, Portobello Harbor, Rathmines Castle Estate and Grainger Market. It has been used for filming such television programmes as Fair City (series 2 Episode 6) and Bachelors Walk (Series 1 Episode 4).

The Grand Canal also contains many restaurants where you can enjoy delicious meals after exploring some of Dublin’s most famous landmarks!

6. Dublin Escape Rooms

Dublin escape rooms are a must visit for couples! It offers different missions which can only be accomplished through sheer teamwork. To start, you must choose your mission. There are four missions to choose from, each with different themes and settings. Your mission will be set in a different location across Ireland.

If you’re stuck at any point, you can use the hint button on your wristband or ask for help from the staff who are there to guide and assist you through the experience. You should always keep track of time as it counts down during your 60-minute escape experience!

The clues and puzzles will come together for an exciting conclusion where players have one final task to complete before escaping their room!

7. The Gobbins coastal walk in Antrim

You can experience the spectacular Gobbins coastal walk in Antrim, which is a series of tunnels and bridges that were hewn out of solid rock by hand over 100 years ago. It’s also home to one of Ireland’s most famous sea caves!

The most romantic part? There are no cars on The Gobbins, so you’ll be walking alongside meandering streams, listening to the waves crash against the shoreline as you go.

8. Parknasilla Resort & Spa, Co Kerry

Parknasilla Resort & Spa is a luxury resort in the heart of the Ring of Kerry. The property has a spa and wellness center, golf course, two restaurants and a range of dining options.

The resort is dog-friendly, with an outdoor heated pool for you to enjoy with your four-legged friend! It’s also close to many attractions including Dingle Peninsula where you can hike through some beautiful scenery.

9. Glendalough, Wicklow

Glendalough, in the Wicklow Mountains National Park, is a beautiful valley that was home to Ireland’s most famous early monastic settlement. Situated near the town of Laragh and only 15 minutes from Glendalough train station, it’s a scenic drive from Dublin.

Glendalough’s history dates back to Saint Kevin who founded a monastery here in 480 AD and many tourists visit today because of its beautiful scenery and historic buildings. The main monuments include Saint Kevin’s Church (a ruin), St Mary’s Church (also known as St Mary’s Cathedral), Round Tower & High Crosses.

You can enjoy walking trails around Luggala Glen or explore by driving through the mountains with views over lakes such as Lough Tay, Upper Lake & Lower Lake – popular for kayaking activities!

10. Powerscourt Estate and Gardens, Co Wicklow

The National Trust property is one of the biggest and most popular in Ireland, with over 125 acres of parkland. It is also home to a number of gardens including the Japanese Garden, Rose Garden and Woodland Garden. The house itself can be explored as well as its many rooms which are full of art and antiques.

You’ll find Powerscourt Estate just southwest of Dublin city center and northwest of Temple Bar, making it perfect for an easy day trip out if you don’t want to venture too far from home base!

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If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, we hope these 10 suggestions will help you plan your next trip to Ireland!

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