29 Things You Won’t Believe You Can Do Right Now In Dublin

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Dublin is a great fascinating city for tourists and visitors. The reason is it’s an attractive city containing wonderful sites, things and places to be worth visiting.

Whether you’re planning to visit Dublin or thinking of doing something extraordinary, unique, and exciting by sitting in Dublin, this article will help you much more. Here are some things you can do right now in Dublin.

  1. Dublin Zoo:

Are you visiting Dublin with your kids? Here is an amazing place your kids will love to go. Well, I’m talking about the zoo. Various animals in the Dublin zoo, like giraffes, elephants, and many more, can bring a cute smile to your kid’s face.

  1. Relax at St Stephen’s Green: 

What a lovely place to feel relaxed and comfortable along with enjoying nature! Suppose you’re a nature lover, like greenery, plants, etc. A play park will make the kids enjoy. Not only this, but you’ll also love to have a picnic there.

  1. Explore the History:

Do you have you interest in knowing about history? If yes, you should never miss a chance to visit the multiple museums in this enchanting city. By visiting multiple museums like the Nation History Museum, The little museum, the Irish whiskey museum, and the National Gallery of Ireland, you can maximize your knowledge about the history of Dublin.

  1. Iveagh Gardens:

Visiting Dublin can enhance the level of merriment if you go to IVEAGH Garden. Whether you want to enjoy the romantic moments with your spouse or make fun with your kids, it’s a fantastic place to visit.

  1. Capture the Beauty of Dublin with your Camera:

Your visit to Dublin can’t be complete until you save the enchanting scenery, amazing places, and special romantic and funny moments into your camera.

  1. Enjoy Delicious Food:

Are you a food lover? Your visit to Dublin can give you a chance to let you enjoy the tasty, delicious recipes of Dublin.

  1. Visit Mountain: 

Spending some time in the serene environment of mountains will assist you in getting relaxed from the day-to-day hustle and bustle of life.

  1. Marsh’s Library:

Marsh’s library is a unique place to visit when you go to Dublin. This library is one of the oldest, so you must plan to visit that awesome place as it can maximize your memory and knowledge.

  1. Jump Zone:

Jump zone in Dublin is one of the most fun places to visit. Especially, Liffey Valley is the most suitable location where you can enjoy as an individual, groups, parties, etc. Providing you the opportunity to do physical activities like exercise, jumping, etc. jump zone will prove very friendly and entertaining.

  1. The Dead Zoo:

Have you visited the dead zoo of Dublin? I mean to say, have you ever gone to The Museum of Natural History? If not, you must take your kids with you. They would enjoy this amazing and unusual place. Visiting here is one of the most interesting things to do in Dublin. So, never miss it and make your Dublin tour more fascinating and memorable by visiting this animal kingdom.

  1. A Free Walking Tour:

Joining a free walking tour will provide you the enjoyment and merriment and assist in knowing as much as possible about Dublin. Multiple companies offer this opportunity. You can choose the best suited to you.

  1. Grafted Street Music:

Grafted Street is a source of attraction for people interested in music and songs. Alongside, some multiple shops and cafés can maximize your amusement.

  1. Grafton Street Shopping: 

Fulfill your passion for shopping in this enchanting Grafton Street. As a main street of Dublin for shopping, it’s well known for busking. You’ll find plenty of cafés and multiple restaurants where you can enjoy seafood and numerous other dishes.

  1. Powers Court House:

Go around Dublin and explore Powers court house, which will attract you from its beauty and neutrality. Move inside, and you’ll find out breathtaking scenery of waterfall and garden as well.

  1. Hiking and Walking:

Besides, hiking or walking also ensures the freshness of mood. SO go hiking and walking. Walk around the attractive, fabulous mountains, woods, and forests.

  1. Tourist Attraction:

Visit the popular tourist attractions in Dublin like Dublin Castle, Malahide Castle, Trinity College, etc. Besides, The GPO, Molly Malone statue, and much more things are the source of attraction for the tourist in Dublin.

  1. Don’t forget the Beach:

Beaches in Dublin can enhance your fun moments. Sandy cove beach, Howth beach, and multiple others can be chosen. Dollymount strand is considered the best of all for numerous reasons like walking and picnic.

  1. Take Selfies with Various Statues:

Make your visit to Dublin more memorable by taking pictures with statues like Oscar Wild and Molly Malone. Phil Lynott statue can also be a good option to take a selfies.

  1. Ride on the Storytelling bus:

An amazing way to do some fun things in Dublin is to ride on a storytelling bus. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy this bus tour and hear interesting stories.

  1. Spend a Delightful Evening:


The evening of food folklore and fairies will let you entertain yourself with mystical stories and a tasty meal. In the brazen head pub, a person can enjoy tasty food, fantastic stories, and music.

  1. Scenic Train Ride:

Train ride to enjoy the mesmerizing, fascinating, and captivating scenery around Dublin will let you know and explore more about this city.

  1. Hurling Match and Gaelic Football:

Are you fond of sports? This one option is going to be a great option. While staying in Dublin, you’ll love hurling and Gaelic football in Croke Park. A huge crowd with lots of fun is waiting to welcome you.

  1. Seafood and Fries:

There are numerous well-known restaurants in Dublin, providing you with the best cooked delicious, and tasty seafood along with fries. So, enjoy it must.

  1. Have a Taste of Irish Stew:

While you’re in Dublin and entertaining yourself in numerous ways, never miss a chance to eat Irish stew. Irish stew is the most famous and popular among tourists and Irish people. You can get it from various places in Dublin.

  1. Dublin Writer’s Museum:

Dublin writer’s museum is a great opportunity for those who love literature. Going to such places can collect a great treasure of knowledge.

  1. Ireland’s Number One Tourist Attraction:

Do you know that Guinness Storehouse is Ireland’s number one tourist attraction? People worldwide come to do numerous things like history and get a splendid overview of the city from the top floor.

  1. Explore the City by Boat:

You’ll love to visit and explore Dublin by boat. Isn’t it an exciting thing to hear? So give it a try.

  1. Visit the Dublin Castle:

Dublin Castle is a remarkable place to visit in Dublin. It is located In the middle of the city and is open to the public. Multiple tours refer to visiting Dublin Castle.

  1. Ha’penny Bridge 

This place is worth visiting as it is structure and designs are beautiful. So walk across this bridge whenever you visit Dublin.

Final words:

All the things mentioned above are popular tourist attractions in Dublin and can be done for enjoyment and amusement.

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