The Bucket List: 29 Best Things To Do In Ireland As A Student

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Ireland is considered a great place for students because of numerous reasons. The high-quality study, great teachings and standard of education make it highly recommended for students and study. Let’s dive into what you can do as a student in Ireland.

  1. Engage in an effective activity:

The student period is very precious. The things we learn during this period remains with us throughout our life. So, besides studies, engage yourself in some healthy activity that provides you with the opportunity to learn more. A part-time job is also a good option. Online earning is possible while studying.

  1. A horse ride:

Enjoyment and refreshment are crucial in the duration of studies. Horse riding can be a good option for fun, especially on the beach.

  1. City bike Tour:

A great thing for students in Ireland is to have a bike tour of the great cities of Ireland to explore and discover new ones. Just imagine how cool it would be to have a bike tour with the fellows.

  1. National Gallery of Ireland:

The National Library of Ireland is located in Dublin and contains a huge Irish and European art collection. The students will learn a lot through visiting there about the art and history of Ireland.

  1. Chester Beatty Library:

Chester Beatty is not a library but also a museum. So, if the students go there, they will get lots of information about the heritage of Ireland.

  1. Gardens and Parks:

Alongside the studies, refreshment and enjoyment keep the mind and body active. Ireland is packed with unbelievable parks and gardens that can be visited. For instance, there are phoenix parks and Anne’s park that can be better options to visit.

  1. Dublin Castle:

Dublin Castle is one of the tourist attractions in Ireland. Enhancing information about Dublin castle through visiting there will make you able to know about Ireland. So, you must visit this place and explore it as well.

  1. Dublin Zoo:

Explore the Dublin zoo; I’m sure it’ll be a great fun activity for you as a student.

  1. Galleries

Information and knowledge are what should be every student’s top priority. A visit to the National Gallery of Ireland and Hughlane gallery can support you in this way.

  1. Attend the sports event:

Besides studying and education, physical activities like gaming and sports also matter a lot. There are numerous soccer and basketball sports events in Ireland that the students should join and attend must

  1. Theatre:

Ireland’s theatres are also much popular. Particularly Gate theatre and peacock theatre are renowned much in public. Visiting there for information and knowledge and having fun can be a good choice.

  1. Science Gallery

The Science gallery located in Dublin is worth visiting place for the students. Here the students will be able to learn and enhance their knowledge as well.

  1. Discover Dublin by boat:

Have you tried to explore the country and Dublin by boat as a student? If not, you should give it a try. I’m sure you’ll enjoy more fun time during boating.

  1. The Bernard show:

Various events like a sports game, quiz night, ping pong can make your time amusing.

  1. Have a picnic:

As a student having a picnic with friends is an outstanding idea. Go to parks or other attractive places for a picnic as Ireland is a great place for enjoyment.

  1. Kayaking:

Kayaking is one of the things to do in Ireland as a student. It’s a great activity adding more enjoyment and fun to the spare time.

  1. Attend a show:

Numerous shows are held in Ireland of multiple types. Students can attend them according to their taste.

  1. Visit museum:

Visiting a museum can maximize your knowledge about numerous things. The students will let themselves become aware of multiple interesting things. Trinity College can be a good option.

  1. Enjoy shopping:

Shopping and having fun with friends are one of the most exciting things to do as a student.

  1. Visit the greatest sites in Dublin:

Dublin is a great place, the most visited and travelled by tourists. Visitors come here to learn and know about its greatest sites. Students can also go to visit these top-notch and amazing sites of Dublin.

  1. Dublin Writers Museum:

Exploring the Dublin writer’s museum is essential for students. The reason is, in this way you’ll be able to learn about the great Irish writers. In a nutshell, you’ll enhance your knowledge of literature.

  1. Visit the Irish castle:

If you’re living as a student in Ireland, don’t lose the opportunity to visit the Irish castle.

  1. Hiking:

As a student, hiking will entertain you and uplift your mood and behaviour, particularly in the company of friends or in the form of groups.

  1. Find natural attraction:

Explore the places of natural attraction in Ireland in your spare time like parks, greenery etc.

  1. Explore the history:

Maximize your knowledge about the history of Ireland. For this purpose, visit famous museums like the little museum and the Nation History museum.

  1. Collect memories of student life:

Student life is a memorable period of our whole life. This is the period when we have lots of fun with friends and save the precious moments that remain with us throughout our life.

  1. Explore culture:

Exploring the culture of Ireland, along with the traditions, will be a fun activity for students. Know about their history, their traditional food and numerous other aspects.

  1. Join a free walking tour:

Joining a free walking tour will allow students to explore more about Dublin without any cost.

  1. Hop on, hop off the bus:

Hop on hop off bus is the best source to visit and explore the hidden beauty and gems of the city of Dublin. So, have a bus tour of the hop-on-hop-off bus, and increase your knowledge about this amazing country.

Final Words:

Remember, students, your time is precious, and you’re there to study. So, your top priority should be to focus and pay attention to your studies. All the other things and activities you can perform in your spare time for fun. 

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